Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oh, What A Day!

    Today the dogs had appointments for mani-pedi's at Olivia's Happy Tails on the corner of Park Ave and Main St. in Herkimer. (That's the old Daffy Discount for those of you as old as I am.)  As usual Fanny didn't want to go into the salon but she settled down and even allowed the groomer to check between the pads on her feet where she's been gnawing.  Seems she's got a bit of an allergy so I'll give her half a Benadryl tonight at bedtime to see if that helps. Zoey wasn't too happy to be there either, but it was over quickly and they were happy to be on their way home with new kerchiefs.
   We stopped at Fat Cat's on the way home because I had seen their menu on Facebook and told Jeff about their prices.  We each had cheeseburgers (his with everything), shared a large order of French fries and each had a soda and the total was $16 and change.  The burgers were 1/3-lbers and too much for me so the dogs got a couple of bites of mine and the large order of FF was too much for us so they got some of them, too.  When Jeff reached for his wallet he came up empty!  Wrong pants!!  But the girl behind the counter gave us our food and told him just to bring in the $$ soon.  (He came home, got his fishing bait and went back to town.)
  My house looks like a cyclone hit it.  Yesterday the refrigerator lost coolant again so this morning Jeff refilled it.  He found a couple of the screws and joints has loosen up...BUT Jeff wants to be sure the refridg is going to work so he didn't turn it back to face front, replace the Berkey water filter or put other things back before he went back to town...just grabbed his fishing bait and left.  I should be use to living like this but I'm not.
  Pace Windows and Doors called today.  We're going to have the bedroom windows replaced by them and have been waiting (not very patiently) for the windows to be built and the financing to go thru.  Everything is ready and they will be here on Monday Nov. 6 between 9 & 10am.  They want at least 3' of clear space on both sides of each window (no curtains/furniture, etc) so I'll have to find somewhere to move the chest on chest, hutch, TV, upholstered chair, table lamp and end table that's on one wall in my room.  The other wall just has a large hassock.  Jeff's room has a desk and I don't know what else that will have to be moved.  Oh, and him out of bed that early in the morning!! But it will be nice to have the dry rot that's overtaken the window frames taken care of and it is a good excuse to wash the curtains.
   I had a nice surprise when I was working in the shop in Cooperstown yesterday.  My friend, Maggie, stopped in on her way home from her job at the Farmer's Museum to check the schedule and find out when I'd be working next.  We had just screened a new member so Maggie and I got to sit outside and talk while Judy found room for the new guy's stuff.  It's so nice to have a friend that you can just sit and talk with and pick up where you left off no matter how long ago that was.  
   Well, my 1st cataract procedure is next Thursday and I have an order for a size 2 hoodie that I should finish before then so I better get to it!  I've got my hat display well stocked for now but if things sell well I guess I'll learn to knit with one eye closed!

Monday, October 16, 2017

And Still More Hats!

   My hat rack was pretty empty when I got to the shop last Saturday.  Luckily,  I knew that in advance
and had been busy for several day knitting hats
and I got it filled up pretty quickly.  I didn't get to make any baseball hats so that's what I did 
today.  I'll take them to the shop when I
work again on Wednesday.  I was surprised that the Autumn Leaves hats were
still there.  This coming weekend is suppose to be warm and sunny so maybe
someone will be in and
see them.  This purple lace edged hat got lots of
compliments but both it and it's twin, a pink
hat, were still there when I left.  The only hat that sold on Saturday was this gray rolled brim cap with the pink rose.  It went quickly!  That was the last of that skein of lt gray but I've started a heather gray hat with a raspberry rose that I should finish in time to take down Wednesday.  Photo to follow.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Another Trip to the Wellness Clinic

   We paid another visit to Tractor Supply for one of it's Wellness Clinics  today. Zoey got her rabies shot and Fanny got tested for heartworms. Jeff bought Zoey a head harness to keep her from lunging when on the leash (she hates it, no, make that HATES it!).  She's tried to rollover and rub it off, but of course it doesn't.  She is learning how to walk properly on leash with it very quickly and we're both impressed.  In fact, we're thinking of getting one for Fanny.  She's terrible on leash maybe this will help with her, too!
Zoey has a 'Big Girl' tag on her collar now.
   We met a chocolate lab who's a month younger than Zoey and twice as big. Zoey wasn't too happy about that!  Fanny wasn't impressed with the
young puppy at all.   I ended up putting Zoey in the shopping cart and that really spooked her! The floor was moving!! She couldn't understand that at all! But that calmed her down considerably.   We went to Burger King for lunch afterwards and the girls shared a 10-pc chicken nuggets because they were good and well behaved. (The choc lab peed on the floor and her 'mom' was so
embarrassed.) The human 'moms' I talked to who's pups were about the same age as Zoey agreed that housebreaking is not easy.  It really is a 'hit or miss' situation!  


Hats, Hats and More Hats

These are the 2 new baby hats I put in the shop last week when I worked.  I think there was too much sunlight coming thru the window behind me because they're Red Heart Cornmeal...not beige. Oh, well.  The autumn leaves didn't turn out too bad.  I used some leftover sock yarn for them.  The one on the left is a wool blend and the other is a bamboo blend.  Both are machine wash and dryable so they'll do ok on the acrylic cornmeal.  I also left a another
Pumpkin hat, a Baseball hat and 2 Flower hats.  Judy called last night to say one of the Flowers and my last Penguin hat sold yesterday.  Today is CooperFest...Cooperstown's version of Octoberfest...held on Main St, and hopefully we'll reap some of the profits.  I had an almost full rack of hats including 3 pumpkins and 2 apple in the shop in anticipation. I want to put a few more hats and the sweaters that are started in the shop next week.  Then I'll probably have to take a couple of weeks off after I have my cataract surgery on 10/26.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Cataract Countdown

   The countdown to cataract surgery has begun.  I now have a pre-op appointment in Cooperstown for the afternoon of Oct. 17th, followed by a visit with my cardiologist for the the same day/place.   The procedure on my right eye will be done on Oct. 26 (the only Thursday I was scheduled to work in the shop as I predicted!!) at Little Falls Hospital.  I will see the ophthalmologist at the Eye Clinic in Cooperstown the next morning, Oct 27, to have the bandages removed and have a post-op check-up.  The left eye will be done a couple of weeks afterwards, again at Little Falls Hospital.
   Already there have been problems!  Dr. Lemanksi ordered 2 eye drops to begin 2 days before the procedure and somehow the instructions got screwed up on their way to the pharmacy at Wal-mart in Herkimer.  I'm suppose to use  antibiotic and  anti inflammatory drops but there was only the antibiotic  waiting for me today and it's instructions were wrong so the pharmacist called Bassett to try and straighten out the instructions.  After a few minutes on the phone it was decided not to let me take that bottle home until the instructions get straightened out and the other orders come thru. Instead I got a bottle of Artificial Tears to use until the days right before the procedure.
   I'm going to try and really clean the house...and floors that week before the procedure and then dump puppy care in Jeff's lap for 1 week. 'No bending or lifting' to me means no mopping floors, picking up used pee pads or warm little piles that Zoey leaves around when she misses the pads.  Jeff can also fill the water and food dishes coz that requires bending.  Hey, fastening the leashes requires bending,  so he can let the dogs out, too!  Boy, will he have fun!!   At least 1 of us will and I'm not sure it will be me.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Another Day at the Eye Clinic

   Back from another day at the Eye Clinic at Bassett in Cooperstown.  My new ophthalmologist is a young woman named Nicole Lemanski.  She seems very nice and quite knowledgeable.  Had a couple new tests done on my eyes and she was satisfied with their results and with the results that Dr. Manns had reported from my earlier visits.  She's approved the cataract surgery and ordered eye drops...antibiotic and anti-inflammatory...for the days immediately prior to and for the month after the procedure, and prednisone drops for month after.  And she gave me a list of no-no's for the month following surgery including no eye make-up! (UCK!)  Now I'm just waiting for Shannon from the Eye Clinic to call to schedule the procedure.  Dr. Lemanski mentioned she'd like me to see my cardiologist prior to the procedure, too,  and I told her I was scheduled to see him 11/14th.  She said maybe Shannon could get me in to see him sooner.  Just have to wait and see what gets scheduled when. And Dr. Lemanski said if it's up to her, it's not necessary to bridge off of Warfarin.  When I told Jeff that on the way home he asked if the cardiologist would go along with it and I couldn't answer him.  Something else I have to wait and find out about.  And since Dr Lemanski operates at Little Falls on Thursdays we agreed that's where my procedure will be done.  Now I'm schedule to work just 1 Thursday in October (the 26th), anybody want to bet that will be the day my cataract procedure gets scheduled? 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Life Goes On

     Boy, did the temperature go down overnight!  I guess Autumn is here!!
  Zoey is getting on all our nerves a littles.  
what can I get into next?
She is just 4 months old and a real little terror!  She goes full speed until exhausted, then catches a nap and is ready to go again.  Housebreaking is coming along slowly.  In the morning she gets up, hits the 1st pee pad, skips the next one (uses the floor), hits the 3rd one and from then on it's anybody's guess if she'll use or miss the pads.  Doing her business outside doesn't hold that much interest for her yet, either.   (But my floors have never been so clean!!)  She's a climber and a thief.  She can wiggle or jump into any chair and depending on what it's next to she may be off on a new adventure!  The armchair in my bedroom is next to my dresser so I've caught her walking across the dresser.  She picks up what ever catches her fancy...barrettes, stuffed animals, bras....  Paper money mustn't taste very good to her because while she takes bills off my dresser she doesn't chew them very much!  (Thank God!)  She does like Jeff's socks (a definite, NO in my book!!)taking them out of his shoes and keeps taking his sandals eventho one is just about as long as she is!  She has destroyed pencils, buttons, my US5 bamboo circular knitting needles, a pair of decorated
blue & white dragon chopsticks
dragon chopsticks that I use to put in my hair and my favorite 6" wooden ruler.  Today I caught her with my little stuffed Avon Eyeore!  But she's so cute no one stays mad at her for long!  Even Fanny doesn't stay mad at her for long after she steals a bone or treat out of her mouth!  Zoey will have a small scar between her eyes for trying to take a bone away from Fanny...or for putting her head in Fanny's mouth (not sure which) but I don't think she learned anything from that mishap.
see the small round scar?

   We had an early supper last night so around 9pm Jeff decided to go to town and get something from Burger King.  I suggested he give Fanny a treat and take her with him.  Zoey wasn't too happy to be left with me but we managed.  Fanny loves to ride in the car and loves to go anywhere with Jeff so it was a double treat for her.  When he got back we shared a 
Whopper and a chicken sandwich with the dogs.  Zoey even got a couple of onion rings!  (Fanny is like me:  FF's yes, OR's no thanks).  Today Jeff had to go to the pharmacy to refill a Rx so he took Zoey with him.  I imagine he's got his hands full with her! She likes going under the driver's seat.   Fanny doesn't even seem to notice Zoey is missing!  She is sleeping in the sun next to my computer on what use to be
'her' chair until Zoey learned how to climb up into it, that is.  They actually shared it for while but now it's first come/it's yours for the day!
  Yesterday Jeff patched the foundation of the house where it had developed a hole just about where the old electrical entrance had been.  We didn't notice
the quarter-size hole until Jeff bushwacked all the weeds last week.  The area around the hole had chipped away and while it hadn't broken thru it looked like it might during the winter.  We had to buy a bag of mortar 80# bag...for that small space but it didn't come any smaller.  (How come it's not available in 10# bags for really small jobs like this?) We have another hole in the foundation under the TV room that Jeff's said he'll mend next week.  (I don't think he'll use half the bag to fix that.)  I put D-con out earlier this week so hopefully the critters can't come back in.  I haven't found any dead/dying mice yet.
    My things have started to sell again in the shop.  With the hot weather we had this summer I wasn't surprised not much sold but September sales were decent.  I've had a hard time keeping up with hats and now the number of sweaters has started to get low.  Guess I just have to force myself to sit and knit.  Somebody's got to force Zoey to leave the yarn and needles alone!  We'll see.