Monday, December 5, 2016


        Here's all the new hats...and a few older models...on display in the shop in Cooperstown.  That's 22 hats!  You'd think somebody will like one of them this holiday season, don't you?  Hope so!

Friday, December 2, 2016

I Never Know When To Quit

   You would think that I would learn to set my knitting aside when I work on a hat...that's 63 stitches...for a day and a half and can't get the design from the graph paper into it.  But no.  I just keep ripping it out and trying again.  Maybe I'm not counting correctly.  Maybe I copied the graph wrong.  Maybe I'm just going crazy.  Finally, yesterday afternoon, after starting the hat the day before and
after removing most of the extra design elements from a charted snowflake, I got the damn snowflake to repeat 3 times around the hat. I finished the it...but did not sew it up or work in the ends...and immediately started another one.  And, wonders of wonders, the 2nd hat worked up in an hour and a half without any problems.  Today I'll sew up both hats and work in all the loose ends...and make the pompoms for the tops.  UCK...pompoms, I hate making them!  (Usually one will explode on me and little pieces of yarn will go flying all over the room.  But isn't that the way it looks around my chair normally?)  Anyway, they'll finish those hats perfectly.  Then I think I'll try something I saw online...a Christmas Candy Hat...a white hat with red and green stripes swirled around it.  Let's see how I can screw that up.  
   Oh, and the reason I was having such a difficult time with that pattern...I think I was getting sick...a cold...and didn't want to give in to it.  I coughed all night and woke up with a sore throat this morning. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jeff's Keeping Busy, too!

     I don't think Jeff was every very good at waiting for anything.  This close to Christmas he came home from Tractor Supply today (where he went to get dog food and a couple of bundles of hardwood) with this knife and tool sharpener and spent part of this afternoon...sharpening knives!  He can also sharpen scissors, axes and the blades to the lawn mower.  He's  been researching it online and was surprised
to find it in Herkimer. 
He also got the
Unfortunately, you have
to order the
replacement belts when they are needed.  I can't wait until he sharpens my scissors!
   I finished the 2d Tree on the Car hat yesterday and then charted a snowflake.  I spent last night and today trying to get it knit but it's not coming out the way I like.  I've had to remove a lot of the extra snowflakes...just single simplify the design coz there is just so much you can put on a baby hat.  I'm down to 3 snowflakes...15 sts each...and it's looking pretty good.  The one I'm working on is gray with pink snowflakes and the 2nd one will be navy with lime green snowflakes.  I know, I know, not exactly traditional Christmas colors but they look pretty good.  As soon as I can I will post photos and you can make up your own mind.  Until then, it's time to get back to knitting!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Christmas Hat

My new Christmas Hat!  Saw something like it on and got inspired last night so I got out the graph paper and the rest is history.  That's what I do most times...change what I see out there to what I see inside my head.  Now comes the hard part...go back to the graph paper and change the chart to reflect what I actually did and write the whole thing up so I can do it again!  I also got another scalloped edge hat done except for the embroidery...the hat is white and the trim will be red flower buds with forest green leaves.  That should take about an hour to finish.  Got it finished! In fact, it went faster than I had thought it would.  I think I've finally got the hang of the embroidery...I hope.

If I do another one of these Tree on the Car hats I'll have 6 in my stock bag for the shop.  Got until Monday...should be no trouble.  I hope!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Knitting, Dancing and Cleaning the Water Filter

        Yesterday I started knitting to replace the 2 hats that sold this weekend (and that's all that I sold over Black Friday and Shop Local Saturday).  This is the baby Flower Hat done in Red Heart Silver with a red rose that I finished yesterday.   I also got one of the

new scalloped edge baby hats, done in Red Heart Turqua with purple embroidered flower buds, finished last night. Today I did another red rose and put it on a Red Heart denim Hat.  Tonight I'd like to do a

scalloped edge hat but I haven't picked the color yet.  
    It was easy to knit this morning.  PBS was rerunning an Andre Rieu show from last night and his music is easy to knit to.  In fact, I tried to get Fanny to dance around the room with me, but she ran into the other room to hide when I began waltzing around.  After Rieu they had a guy, Max Raabe, singing songs from the 1920 and 30's in German and English.  Let's just say it was different and let it go at that.  I took that as an opportunity to go and take a shower. 
    I've decided to redo my entire hat display and put in new hats next week when I work.  The ones that have been there longer than a month will be donated to the library in Herkimer and put on their donation fence (those who need something are encouraged to take their pick from what's hanging there).  I think I have a scarf that I may donate, too.
   In the meantime, when Fanny ran into the other room to get out of dancing with me, she sat next to the computer and kept her eye on Jeff who was cleaning the Berkey filters.  He has to do that about once a month and we replace the
filters every 6 months or so, depending on how much rain we've gotten (more rain means a higher water table and longer filter life.)  He tried to teach me how to clean them once but I couldn't do it as well as he does so it's still his job. (My mama didn't raise a fool.)
   From her chair, Fanny has a good line of sight to what's happening at the kitchen table, counters and stove and if she turns her head, outside in the back yard.  She's not too happy when I make her move so I can hang up
hats or sweaters to photograph them.  She demands a dog treat in payment for the use of the back of her throne/chair.  Sometimes I wonder who's the Alpha Bitch in this pack.

Knitting, Dancing and Cleaning the Water Filter


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shop Locally This Saturday

   Fanny and I took a quick trip to the shop this morning to fill in the holes in the hat display.  I took down this new baby hat...found the free pattern on Facebook and just changed the trim a little.  It ended up taking almost as long to do the embroidery as it did to knit it!  But it did come out cute, didn't it?  I took 3 flower hats and 1 penguin hat, too.  I was kind of surprised to find 2 penguin hats down there...I've been restocking 1 hat at a time and I guess I lost track.  Hope all the hats sell this weekend!  I also brought 2 lacy ladies scarves and a pin-stripe hoodie. There was only 1 baseball hat left...which surprised me...but I'm not going to make any more this year!  I brought home the last 2 pumpkin hats and they'll start the stash for next year.  Oh, I left the baby mittens...a special order...for the customer to pick up this weekend.  Saturday is Shop Local Saturday and it usually teams up well with Black Friday to make a nice beginning to the Holiday season in the shop. 
   I guess now I don't have any excuse not to clean house or work on Jeff's socks.  Especially after he came home with Dasher, a Christmas Reindeer, for me.  Fanny was jealous and had to check out the 

stuffed animal before deciding if it could stay.  I don't trust her so it will go up where she can't jump to reach it!