Sunday, October 23, 2016

Getting Ready for Winter

      I went to the shop yesterday morning to restock pumpkin hats and my Snow Owl hat and Fanny went with me and I stopped and got treats for everyone on the way back.  (Chocolate glazed donuts for Jeff and chicken nuggets for Fanny) and I swear it was snowing up on Rte 28 by the Jordanville Rd!!  When I got home it was just raining lightly and Jeff was ready to go shopping.  He had decided it was time to
re-fit the pipe to the woodstove instead of

thru a house fire when he lived in Gray the first time that destroyed everything!  They were lucky to get out alive.)  He checked the pipe and it probably would last another year but why take the chance, he asked?  So yesterday afternoon we went shopping for a length of double walled stove pipe.  Lowe's has always had it but when Jeff...and the guy he talked with there...couldn't find it on the shelf, Jeff wanted to check out the other places in the Valley who had stove pipe before ordering it.  We went to Ace Hardware in Ilion, Farm and Tractor and Collis Hardware both in Herkimer before trying Lowe's again before ordering the pipe.  This time the Lowe's guy we talked to looked things up on their computer and found out that there were suppose to be 6 sections of that pipe in the store.  Jeff and the Lowe's Man went back to the display and actually found it!  We had our double walled stove pipe and a few extra pieces and were all set.

just cleaning it before lighting the first fire of the season.  I think the section of pipe that goes
thru the wall gives Jeff
nightmares.  (He lived 
   When we got home, Wally met us in the driveway to let us know the electricity was out.  That meant  no lights, TV, PC, water or heat (especially with the stove pipe in the back of the car!!!).  After a few minutes it dawned on us that it also meant no supper since we have an electric stove.  Jeff suggested we go out to supper.  I said yes, of course...hey, that made 2 nights in a row!  (A new record...we had gone out for fish fry at Fat Cats Friday night.)  We checked out the new Italian Feast that has replaced our favorite Belly Busters Diner in the old Dandy Donuts.  It has an all-you-can-eat buffet and has just opened.  We walked in and looked around.  The buffet didn't appeal to either one of us so we left and went to the Knight Spot in Frankfort.  I had a covered meatball sandwich with a side order of greens and Jeff had a huge hamburger with real onion rings.  We both ate well.  We stopped at Stony's on the way home to leave a bag of hot peppers and tomatoes from the garden and when we got home the electricity was back on!  I made a pot of coffee and one of us turned on the PC and the other the TV.   I cut up the section of sandwich I had brought home for Fanny and she was happy to have it in her supper.  It was a cold, wet, black night and I was glad to be home.  I just wished the stove pipe was up where it belonged and not in the back of the Forester.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016


   I've been having so much fun lately entering contests to try and win if I don't have enough already!  Today I signed up for a chance for some French Vanilla Superfine Bulky yarn by Zen Yarn Garden, some Universal Yarn from Jimmy Bean Wool, Connect the Dots Puzzle yarn from Premier yarn, Bonsai Lana Boucle Yarn from the
Brown Sheep Co. and The Downton Abby Yarn Collection.  As you can see from the titles of the yarns they are all different and not what I'm use to using.  But with the season winding down I'm looking forward to doing some recreational knitting...not just baby sweaters and hats...and these 5 groups of yarn appealed to me.  Hope I win something!  Until then, it's back to a size 1 raglan from the neck down sweater....

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


 I have been inspired to knit owls.  It's strange what inspires me.  It's been owls this weekend.  There are a lot of owl patterns out there, I guess.  Anyway I decided it was time to put owls on a sweater and got a skein of Red Heart Warm Brown and 3 flat wooded buttons and started a size 1 pullover with a Henley front.  Those size 1's go fast and I had the sleeves finished before I knew it.  (Well, not really, it took 1 day to do the yoke and sleeves, but that's still pretty fast!)  Before I reattached the yarn to start the body of the sweater I remembered to thread on my beads for the owls' eyes.  I still had 2 or 3 old-fashion flimsy metal threaders that I got when I did the Hogwarts Express scarf last month.  I thought I could get away with using them to thread my beads onto my worsted weight acrylic yarn.  Wrong.  The scarf had been done with a washable wood sock weight yarn and was a lot finer.  The threader worked very well pulling it thru the beads.  The heavier acrylic worsted yarn was not so easy to pull thru and I destroyed the last 2 threaders before I saw the dental floss in my bead box and remembered why it was there. Voila. My beads were threaded on my yarn and I finished the sweater working in the owls and placing their eyes  were they belong.  I really like the way the sweater finished up...and Jeff says these owls actually remind him of owls (an improvement over what he thought about the owls on the scarf but we won't go there.)  I used all the brown yarn and

then switched to white yarn and did a Snow owl hat.  I'm ready to mail the hats and sweater to Judy and she'll put them in the shop later this week.  Now I have to come up with something to work on.  We have plenty of outside work to do but I like to knit early in the morning and after supper so I better find something.  I'm kind of inspired to do some more knitting with beads.  I saw an interesting scarf with a beaded design worked in...but I'm not sure where I saw it.  I know I saved it...but where....

Judy got the package yesterday and took the sweater and hats to the shop this morning.  Cheryl, who was working, had seen the photos here and on Facebook and thought they even looked better in person...hat/sweater?  Anyway, Judy took them over to her hairdresser's and got another wave of approval from the ladies who were there this morning.  Somewhere along the way another color suggestion (gray) was offered and I went shopping for gray yarn.  All Walmart had on the shelves were pewter and dark heather so I went online when I got back home and ordered some soft gray, really a silver, from JoAnn Fabrics.  Should have it by Monday.  In the meantime, I think I'll try to do a couple of Christmas stockings for the shop10-13-16

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How Memories are made

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   One of the members of the shop makes fantastic teddy bears and some of the best ones are from re-cycled clothing/blankets/etc. , and since I decided it was time to do something with my mom's wedding dress...a velvet gown she made herself for her 1948 wedding...(and kept in the cedar chest ever since...I think I asked once when I was in college and could still fit into the gown if I could wear it for Halloween and she said no.)I decided it was time to have the gown made into a bear.  Brenda...the crafter...called it 'vintage'...and asked if I had something to trim the bear.  Couldn't find her veil but I found Dad's bow tie!  Then I was texting Brenda and talking to another friend and decided to look for something to she could use to make a vest for the bear to wear and be decorated with those
covered buttons that run
down the gowns back.  Well, I looked in the cedar chest again and this time found the raspberry silk shantung dress that Mom wore when she was matron of honor for her sister.  So I'm going to have a beautiful memory bear by Brenda Petty made out of my mom's velvet wedding gown wearing a vest of raspberry silk shantung made from the matron of honor's dress from my aunt's...and godmother... wedding...and wearing the bowtie from my father's wedding tux.  And that sure beats letting everything stay in the cedar chest and rot.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Living With A Dog...and A Man

    I worked in the shop in Cooperstown yesterday leaving the man and his best friend home together.  When I got back home after 6pm both were happy to see me and all seemed well.  After supper...subs that I picked up on the way thru Herkimer...I noticed a small pile of dog food on the floor under the table so I asked Jeff about it.  He said he never noticed it but he had given Fanny a scooper of dry food before he went to town during the afternoon when she didn't want to go with him.  I swept it up and started looking around.  I asked him if he had finished the loaf of bread that had been on the table when I left.  He groaned and suggested I check his bed.  Fanny (who had done it before) had taken the loaf of bread to bed with her...along with the empty Styrofoam tray that had held the veal cutlets we had Friday night for supper and had been in the garbage but was now washed...licked clean by a dog(?), a new hard rubber toy with the hangtag still attached that had been on the counter and a half empty one pound package of chopped walnuts, that had also been on the counter.  (She left the bag of dog treats untouched.)  I've never heard of a dog eating

walnuts.  She did not get sick (thank God!) but did spread some of the nuts around a little.  And no, she did not eat any of the bread.  I guess walnuts and veal juice/blood may be appetizing to a dog but Italian bread didn't sound good.  Anyway, Jeff and Fanny stayed on opposite sides of the house last night and this morning she was still avoiding him. 
There is never a dull moment around here.
p.s.  My TracPhone is still working but the screen isn't showing anything except a big blank.  I called home from Cooperstown and got thru just fine.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Working in the Shop

   I worked in the shop in Cooperstown today and took a bag of things to finish.  I had to do the embroidery and sew on the buttons for this Black
Sheep sweater.  It's a size 1 done in Red Heart Turqua with lemon yellow trim.  Customers are always surprised to find the black sheep on the back.
    The Flowers and Lace Sweater (below)is a size 1 knit with Red Heart's
Light Purple with Pale Pink Flowers and buttons.

    The baby cloche with rolled brim (below) is also made with Red Heart yarn in purple with a pale pink hand-knit rose.  It fits most 1-2 year olds.
   I also finished working in the loose ends of yarn inside all of these projects.  Many customers enjoy watching the projects take their final form...especially things like the rose which is made in a narrow strip and rolled up.  Having something to work on...and something to talk about with the customers...helps make the day go by.