Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Lazy Winter Weekend

My stalled sweater
The Shawl
      It's been a lazy weekend.  I worked on a size 2 'Flowers and Lace' raglan from the neck down sweater in Red Hearts Pretty 'n Pink on circular US7's for awhile.  Got almost to the underarms but lost interest in it. Then I went back to a shawl I was doing in a sock weight blue cotton and acrylic blend, also on a US7.  I was suppose to be increasing 1 st in the first 2 and last 2 stitches and at the same time doing a yo before and after the center stitch.  Some how I goofed up and ended up with 4 stitches more on 1 side!  I frogged back about 3" but by that time I couldn't see straight and couldn't count the stitches so I put that aside.  Jeff asked if I'd make him a balaclava (a hood) that he could wear when he's working outside.  They're not difficult so I said I would.  Just got to find the motivation to start...and!  At least the weather's cooperating and there temperatures will be in the 40's most of this week...another January he won't need it this week!
    Jeff knows he's not suppose to indulge in baked goods...a cookie now and then, maybe he can get away with but anything else...?  Anyway, yesterday he came home with a red velvet cake mix and a can of coconut and pecan frosting.  I made them today and I don't think they will last long!  But, boy, is that frosting tasty!!  Jeff has an appointment with pain management this week and if they give him a steroid injection, his AC1 will be out of control!  And that's no matter what he eats!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

A January Day

  The steroid shot seems to be working!  I haven't had any pain in my ankle since getting the injection last Friday.  The 'flush' I experienced lasted for a couple of days...over the weekend and into this week...before starting to fade and lessen.  I called the orthopedist office on Monday and had to leave a message (no one in).  They called back Wednesday and asked a lot of questions.  The flush is a 'somewhat' normal side effect and as long as I wasn't bothered by it, just watch how long it lasted and if it got worse.... On the whole, the steroid is working and I would recommend it to anyone with arthritis
forming in a healed/broken bone.  Now I just have to wait and see how long it lasts.  Oh, I knew I was 'favoring' my right leg and that was causing my left knee (where the meniscus had been torn/repaired) to hurt.  Since the injection the pain in the left knee has lessen.  There is probably arthritis in that knee and when I go back for another steroid injection I'm going to ask about one for the left knee, too.
   I also seem to have a good case of 'startists' know, start one project and then leave it on the needles and start another.  Good thing my US7 circulars are interchangeable needles and I have several connecting wires or strings!  I think I have 2 or 3 projects waiting to be finished...but without any motivation to finish any of them!  Not to mention what I want to start!!  All I've managed to finish is 1 pair of socks for me!  Got to get down to business...only 81 days until the shop opens for the season!
   We've been having a 'January Thaw' with some rain and most of the snowpack is gone.  It looks lousy outside...patches of brown leaves, down branches and mud with a few spots of old snow here and there.'s cold outside!!  The sun is bright and the temperature is 28 but the wind is strong and it feels like 19!  A good day to stay inside by the fire.  Oh, damn.  Almost out of wood so one of us has to go fill the wood bags.  Gee, I wonder if I can get Jeff to do it?????   Last night Fanny got up from beside me, walked over to Jeff and started to dance and whine until he left her out.  Too bad I can't get the wood bags to do that.
Why hold up your head?  That's what furniture is for!
Fanny fell asleep looking out the window. 
What a life that dog has!!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Our Trip to Cooperstown

   We went to Cooperstown yesterday because I had an appointment with an orthopedist.  Actually, my 2nd orthopedist but the 1st one doesn't do surgery and he thought I needed some of the junk in my leg removed.  The one I saw yesterday didn't agree...good!  Jeff went with me because he knew if surgery was suggested I'd try to get out of it.  Any way, I got a steroid shot into the base of my old break because it has developed arthritis.  So far so good.  The only pain/discomfort I've had is a tenderness at the site of the injection.  The doctor was surprised I bled so much from the injection!  What do you expect...I take 7.5 mg of Warfarin 5 days a week/5 mg the other 2 days?  The site also turned black and blue overnight...also to be expected.  But I didn't have any of the usual discomfort last night when I went to bed.  If this shot lasts the 3-6 months she said it might, I'll have another one and maybe ask about one for my left knee (where I had the torn meniscus repaired) and have developed arthritis, too.  God, it lousy getting old.
   It was so cold today... the high was 19...the only time I went out was to get wood once and to let the dog in/out a couple of times.  Jeff wanted to go out tonight but I said I didn't want to go.   It was nice and cozy next to the woodstove.  I got the first band finished on the shawl I started yesterday but couldn't understand the chart for the 2nd band...the start of the lace.  I made a couple of mistakes so I put it aside and will try again tomorrow.
   We stopped at the shop after my appointment and packed up my stock.  I haven't gone thru it yet but it looks like none of the hats I made for Christmas sold.  The three 'mystery' sweaters that sold the last day we were open were the fancier little girl ones.  They've been good sellers all year.  And I think I'm all out of them so I guess I better plan on making some of them!  And baseball hats...they're all gone, too.  We're going to open for the season around April 6 or plenty of time for Easter.  Maybe I'll do some Easter bonnets and pretty spring sweaters...after I conquer this lace shawl.  And maybe make myself another pair of socks!  I finished the pair I started for myself after Christmas and wore them yesterday.  My old socks have been mended so many times there's not much yarn left to sew together!  My mother use to have a saying in Italian that the shoemaker always had a hole in his shoe...must be it holds true for the sock maker, too. 
   We stopped at Fat Cats in Herkimer for an early supper on the way home from Cooperstown.  The fish fry is ok, tasty, etc but I think kind of expensive ($24 for the 2 of us).  Mona's in Mohawk...the purple house on Main St...has a good one for less...but you have to get there early (they close around 2pm).  We both like the Knight Spot in Frankfort but Jeff was driving and he didn't want to go there and we had been there a few days ago. Besides the fast food restaurants that's about all there is! Wish there where others.
  Ok, the fire is out and I can turn off the fans and go to bed.  I'll have to check this posting for spelling and grammar tomorrow.
   When I went to bed last night my face felt like I'd been too close to the fire but I didn't think much about it.  This morning I look like I sat in the sun too long yesterday!  I think it's a reaction to the steroid injection I got Friday afternoon.  I'll watch it and if it doesn't fade I guess I'll have to call the doctor.  But my ankle doesn't hurt and the blush is worth it!  And I was warm all night!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year's Resolution

Now this is what I call a New Year's Resolution!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


     Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's.  Ours was quiet.  Jeff worked on clearing our part of the driveway with the snow blower.  After last night's light rain and warmer temperatures, the snow was very heavy and it was hard going.  He's got the driveway in front of my car cleared...he moved my car almost to the stairs first so it was longer than usual...and along side his car.  If it doesn't rain tomorrow he said he wants to finish around his car, do a path to the woodsheds and one around the house.  That's our 'in case' trail.  He wants to be able to get to the woodstove chimney to clean it and in case of a chimney fire and he always has a trail for the oil man from the driveway to the intake pipe.  Tomorrow and Thursday are suppose to be clear with everything from rain to snow forecast for the rest of the week.  Friday I have to go to the orthopedist in Cooperstown and after that, pick up my leftover stock from the shop.  I'm not looking forward to the drive but Jeff said he'd go with me. 
      I spent today sitting by the fire knitting on a sock for me on short US2 circular needles.  The yarn is Ultra Alpaca by Berroco, a Peruvian wool, alpaca and nylon blend...very soft, machine washable but not machine dryable.  Got to remember that or else my socks won't fit for long!  I've got the foot and heel done on the first sock and about 3" up the leg so today I stated the 2nd sock from the other end of the ball of yarn.  I've got the foot almost finished and should turn the heel tomorrow.  Once the leg for the 2nd sock is as long as the 1st sock I'll go back and forth working on them until I use up the yarn.  I think there's enough yarn for the legs to be 8" or so long.  I really want to get these socks finished this week because I've darned my socks so often there's not much yarn left in some places and new holes are always appearing!
    My cousin Ed came over for dessert tonight.  Fanny's finally starting to accept him.  She didn't bark when he arrived tonight...just headed straight under the kitchen table and waited until he came in and sat down and when he left, she even walked him to the door.  He's going to ask the dog owners he works with if anyone wants the 20 lb bag of Rachel Ray dog food that Jeff's sister gave Fanny at Christmas.  Sherry's mini Cocker-Schnauzer, Sunni, is allergic to it and Fanny gets the 'itch-ies' when she eats it, too.  It's a shame to throw away almost 20 lbs of gourmet dog food.
    I started tracking my Yarn Pal's Christmas box that I mailed Friday.  According to the US Post Office tracking service my package had gone from Herkimer to Syracuse on Saturday and left for North Carolina Saturday night.  I check it again on Tuesday to see how far it's gotten.  The guy at the Herkimer Post Office said it would be delivered on Thursday.  I'm waiting for a package for a Yarn Pal, too.

Friday, December 30, 2016

My Secret Pal Package Is On It's Way!

    I finally got my Secret Pal's Christmas package mailed today.  Every time I tried to mail it and failed, I added something to the outside of the package.  My 'art work' goes around 3 sides!  And there's 2 or 3 patterns on the outside, too.  I was running out of room to add anything.  I hope she likes it!  It's suppose to be delivered by next Thursday.  I'll start tracking it on Tuesday to see if the holiday weekend slowed it up.  Originally, my Pal was someone in Australia and the postage for this box would be about $30 so I had to ask for someone closer.  I really didn't want to do that but....  I'm still waiting for a package from a Secret Pal.  We had until tomorrow, 12/31, to get them in the mail. 

More Snow

   Looking west out of my bedroom window towards Wally's house this morning I can barely see his garage and his house is lost in the snow...just to the right of the garage.  Those 2 buildings are less than 50 yrds away!  The forecast for today is for wind and lake effect.  It looks pretty if you don't have to go out.  Wally's cleaning the long driveway now so Jeff says we'll go to town this afternoon.  We need to get some groceries (bread, milk, eggs), last night's chili was not a big hit with anyone except Fanny.
   As of 5:30pm, the official snowfall total for Herkimer was 6 1/2" with a possible 2-5" more of lake effect possible tonight and tomorrow.  Nice, huh???