Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello, October!

     Hello, October!  After several days of rain...heavy and steady at times...the sun is out again!  I don't think we're going to enjoy temperatures in the high 70's but at least it's not raining any more. (For right now.)
     I ended the month in the shop by selling 2 more sweaters on Tuesday so that means I have to get busy and knit a couple of sweaters before I go down again.  I sent 6 hats down today with Steve so my hat display should look good for awhile... unless customers come in and clean me out (I can hope, can't I?)  Jeff has an appointment at the clinic there on Thursday and I'm schedule to work next Saturday so those are my target dates to have sweaters finished to restock.  I think I'll do a soft blue cardigan...raglan from the neck down, of course, with my black sheep design just because I have enough of that yarn left to do a size 9 months.  And I just got some Red Heart yarn in Petal Pink that I think I'll use to do a Pretty in Pink or Little Girl Chic sweater...basic raglan sleeve sweaters in pink with white or navy ribbed trim or gray with pink trim...they were good sellers a couple of years ago. I found the photos of them on my camera's SD card but I can't find them on the blog!  (Since we downloaded Windows 10, I've been having trouble with photos.  I even used Jeff's machine last night and got only 2 out of 6 to download. Is it Windows 10 or me??) Anyway, I've got enough ideas and yarn to keep be busy for a couple of days.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Autumn is Here

   I spent Friday in the shop in Cooperstown.  I was suppose to work Saturday but the schedule was jiggled a little and I ended up there one day early.  It was a  good day for me (I sold 2 hats and a pair of baby socks) and a very good day for the shop with sales over $500 (and in late September that is great!) Hey, my first 2 customers each bought 6 bars of handmade soap...that's over $40 each! 
   One of the reasons for the jiggle was an estate sale in Herkimer that the girl who was scheduled to work on Friday was helping out at.  She let me know that the estate sale had a lot of yarn and since I know the people who's house it was at I decided to pay a visit on Saturday morning.  I exercised a great deal of restrain and came away with just 11 skeins of sock yarn...for only $3. (See, it does pay to know people!)  So yesterday afternoon and evening I worked on a pair of baby socks in one of the self-striping, superwash wools (OnLine in tropical colors , worked from the toe up on 2 short circular US 1's) that I got there.  Got the first sock finished and the 2nd one started before I had had enough of Batman's return and went to bed.  I've got to get a couple of pairs of socks finished and a pumpkin hat or two before Wednesday so Steve can take them down when he goes on the first.  As long as the good weather holds business may stay brisk...Saturday's sales were over $400, too.  We can only hope things last!
     Today may be Wood Day.  We've got a large pile of wood ready to be cut (and stacked).  The sun is shinning and it's fairly warm so there isn't a reason not to do it.  Besides, we have to get it done.  It's been cold at night...and in the morning...and I'd like a fire!  The leaves have started to turn and fall and we're going to have to get busy raking soon.
    Jeff's daughter Sara celebrated a birthday this week.  She lives in El Paso, Texas with her husband and 4 kids.  They visit Utica yearly and I've met her once.   Here's Sara with one of her twin daughters.  The other two kids are boys...the oldest one
resembles Jeff at that age tall and skinny with glasses.
   The foot on the Bosch reciprocating saw broke off again after dinner today as Jeff was finishing cutting wood.  That was Saw #3 (with replacement insurance) that we had gotten at Lowe's...this one in December 2013, so we did a quick trip to Lowe's to replace it.  Didn't think to take the checkbook with me, so I had to come home for it, and then the salesgirl wouldn't exchange it without the sales receipt so we did another trip home for that.  In the end, we finally came home with Saw #4 (with another 2 year replacement plan) and didn't spend a penny.  Jeff really likes the Bosch saw.  The motor is very good, doesn't's just the plastic foot that always breaks off!  If you ever need a reciprocating saw Jeff recommends Bosch.  And we both recommend the replacement insurance plan at Lowe's! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still Keeping Busy

    The apartment is officially a thing of the past.  Jeff finished cleaning it out and gave back the keys on Monday.  I think he left it in a much better state than the landlord deserved but Jeff says it should be even cleaner.  How you can expect an apartment to be livable/rentable with a 4'x4' hole across the bathroom floor is beyond me.  The landlord has about a month to fix the leaks before the heat comes on and that heating pipe becomes a sprinkler raining hot water on the apartment below.  I'm sure we'll hear about it from those tenants,too. 
    We're still trying to find room for everything Jeff brought here.  The kitchen is pretty well organized.  Sherry had given us both part of her old Wolfgang Puck stainless steel cookware set when she replaced it (because neither of us had room for the entire set) but now it's reunited...and since I still don't have room for it all Jeff had to gave away a couple of the sauce pans...but we kept the covers.  (I never figured out why there were more pans than covers in that set.)  Anyway, the kitchen and pantry are looking pretty good.
   The parlor, on the other hand, looks awful.  The last few boxes Jeff brought were just left in front of the couch and I don't have any idea where to put them.  We must have half a dozen PC's (2 working, the rest not, 4 or 5 monitors, 5 printers, at least half a dozen keyboards and mouses, a couple of speakers and most of the cords that go to it all.  I think most of it's junk, but Jeff maintains he can always use parts of them.  Maybe we can open a used computer store?
    Last weekend things in Cooperstown were very slow (I didn't even reach $100 in sales on Sunday) but Monday made up for it with over $400 in sales...including 2 of my hats. This week I've been working on replacing them and should be taking 4 hats down with me this trip. 
    Yesterday we went to the library so I could download the photos I had taken of my sweaters (and the garden) but I had the wrong camera cord so that didn't work.  Instead, we visited with Joan the Hotdog Lady and had lunch with her learning about the changes planned for Main St.  There's going to be a Greek gyro shop opening up near the M&T bank (we even met the owner who just happened to walk by) and The Godfather's Hideaway is moving from Protection Ave to the corner of Main and Park (remember Daffy Discount?).  And the fence around the Glory Days/GH ruble pile is scheduled to have a mural painted on it but Joan wasn't impressed with that idea.  I'll have to take a photo of that when it's finished. 
   Well, Jeff's out cutting wood and Fanny's just been put back into the house so I think I'll make myself a cuppa and watch Monarch of the Glen on Netflix and knit.  I haven't seen any of those episodes in several years and I've forgotten how much the scenery reminds me of Speculator and Piseco Lake.  I love those mountains, trees and lakes (or lochs). No wonder I want to go to the Highlands of Scotland. (And maybe to find out what a man does wear under his kilt.) 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

More This and That

    Getting Jeff moved in has not been an easy task.  We've been at it for 3 weeks and the house is just starting to get back into shape...but by no means is everything in it's place!  There are still boxes in the parlor...but now there are spaces around them...and you can walk thru the laundry room to the washing machine without climbing over boxes!  The couch in the TV room is hiding a pile of something, but out of sight out of mind, right?
   I cleaned out (read emptied) 3 closets and that stuff is bagged and boxed in the garage waiting for Oct 15-17th so we can take it to the Town of Herkimer Garage for Trash Days.  Free dumpsters!(Last spring they even took TV's and PC's!)    I'm sure my garbage man will be disappointed to lose the income.  I'm wondering how many trips with the trailer we'll end up making?  The porch has been the 'catch-all' and that all has to go so we can put wood there.  It will be an interesting couple of days. 
   I emptied out a couple of kitchen cupboards this week, too.  It was time for Mom's complete set of dishes from A&P or Loblaw's to find a new home...especially since they haven't been used in about 20 years.  (They're boxed up ready to go to Goodwill.) Jeff brought 5 or 6 nice tall glasses that I put in our everyday cupboard.  It will be nice to set the table with matching glasses again.  (I'm hard on glassware.)  He also brought some heavy glass mugs that he likes...which are 'safe' coz they are too heavy for me to use when full.  His spice cupboard is more exotic than mine so I found room for his turmeric and stuff!  And we now have 2 knife racks! Oh, and I found this turned wooden bowl that Jeff had made back in high school shop class for his mom.  It just needed an olive oil massage and now it's on the kitchen table in all it's glory! 
   We took one day off to go help Jeff's sister set up her new TV.  (If you remember, we had gone up to help her move furniture last month when she bought a new parlor set.)  The new TV is a 60" flat screen (so was the old one) and the old one was too heavy for her to move.  The new TV is a lot lighter and Jeff had to secure it to the table because she was afraid the cats and dogs might knock it over.  Sherry's oldest cat loves to give Fanny an 'evil eye' and Fanny just sits down and takes it.  I don't think she's sure what that black ball of fur is.
   On the garden front, we lost all our watermelons to some critters.  At first the small ones just disappeared one at a time, but then the bigger ones started to have bites taken out of them before they were dragged away. They never ripened so I'm not sure what took them...raccoons?
Eggplants and peppers from the garden.
   Jeff's Ghost Peppers have started to turn red and he's been giving away a few.  No one really believes they're as hot as he says they are.  Hope no one is too badly disappointed...or harmed. We had more than enough zucchini to share and it looks like it will be the same with the butternut squash. One of the 2 'volunteer' tomato plants (appeared one day on it's own) has about 9 nice size tomatoes on it.  Hope the nice weather holds long enough for some of them to ripen!
   We cleaned out the corn box and had the last of it with supper.  I'll take the stalks to the shop tomorrow so we can use them outside for Autumn decorations.
   My big beautiful geranium has decided to have a 2nd blooming this year and is budded out again. Not bad for an annual that was started in 2009!  It will have to be brought inside in about a month.  Hope we'll have settle down enough to find room for it by then! 
The lemon cable hoodie.
   I finally finished my two hoodies.  The first, a size 2, is a Black Sheep Hoodie with a back zipper knitted in Red Heart Frosty Green on US 7's.  (The black Sheep is on the back.)  The other one, a size 9 months, is a Cable and Seedstitch Hoodie with a back zipper knitted in Red Heart Lemon Yellow on US 7's. Both are $45 and will be available at Cooper Country, 2 Doubleday Court, Cooperstown, beginning
   I put Netflix on our PC's last night so now there's another alternative to watching TV together.  It will be free for a month, then about $9 a month.  We both want to see Longmire but other than that we can't really agree on what to watch. (The Walking Dead is not on my favorites list and Downton Abby is not on Jeff's.)  We'll give it a try and then decide if we want to keep it.   Ah, the art of cohabitation....

Sorry...No Photos.  I've been having problems with my PC since before we went back to TimeWarner.   (I don't think they've had much to do with it.)  I keep getting a virus and the PC keeps freezing up.  Maybe it's Windows 10, maybe it's the sites I visit (KnitTalk, Ravelry... both knitting groups, and some online surveys), maybe it's just my PC.  Anyway, yesterday Jeff cleaned it (for the 2nd time) and started reloading apps (for the 2nd time).  Now the PC recognizes the camera and brings up the photos but won't let me download them to this blog.  Jeff promised to try to straighten this out but I'm planning to go to the library on Monday after I get my INR checked and download the photos I've been taking.  Maybe he'll have gotten the problem straighten before then, maybe not, but until then you'll just have to use your imagination.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Keeping Busy

   Yesterday we went garage sale-ing but couldn't find anything we wanted.  Then Jeff remembered that a couple of new 2nd-hand shops had opened on Main St and we checked them out.  The first one was very small and had mostly clothes...not for us.  The 2nd one wasn' was a movie/game house.  It use to be The Haines Theatre...well before my time.  It closed before I ever walked up Main St to see a movie at the Liberty!  I think it was a shoe store by then!!  Anyway, the theatre is still intact in the back and the new owners are running it as a digital theatre.  They've had it open for a couple of weeks and have had a good response from the community.  The audience times are split to accommodate elementary, pre-teens, teens and college mingling of ages.  There's a no alcohol/drugs rule and patrons are carded and wand-ed  on entrance by professional security.  (The Herkimer cops seem far.)   They're open for birthday parties, etc and have the usual popcorn-candy-soda refreshments.  And the chairs are definitely an improvement from the old days, too!  We talked with the owner for awhile.  She seems quite nice.  Hope this works out.  Herkimer needs something besides bars on Main St. especially with Brian's Deli closing due to the illness of the owner.
   I hope Jeff's finally got the last of the boxes from the apartment...I've run out of space to put them!  Now we've got to unpack the boxes and make everything fit.  I'm still emptying kitchen cupboards(found 2 sets of dishes my mom collected when Loblaw's and A&P gave them away as a bonus for shopping there!  They made nice donations to Goodwill.) but it still feels like I'm living in a grocery store.  I don't remember when the pantry shelves were this full!! (Of course, we never bought some of this stuff!)
  Today I worked on my Black Sheep Hoodie.  I started it Thursday and took it to the shop with me Friday but I didn't work on it much.  Friday night I tried to join the Henley fronts and found out they weren't the same length or number of stitches so I put it aside.  (Maybe that's why I stopped working on it at the shop?) Today I got the fronts straightened out and joined and both sleeves finished.  I even got about 1" done on the body.  If I was ambitious I'd work on it tonight but we'll see how I feel after the dishes are done.  Jeff went to town tonight so I've got the TV remote to myself for awhile.  My luck if I get interested in a show, he'll call for a ride home!

Friday, September 11, 2015

How We Spent Our Day

   I worked in the shop in Cooperstown today.  It wasn't a particularly busy day.  Sales were pretty good...but none of it was mine!   I had sold a sweater on each of the last 3 days:  a baby set, a 'Black Sheep' sweater and the train hoodie. A tidy sum that left a not-so-tidy hole in my display.  I've got a 'Black Sheep' hoodie on the needles now.  Haven't got to the point where I have to decide what size it is but that's coming soon. (One of the points in favor of working on a raglan from the neck down is almost all sizes start with the same number of stitches and you increase until you have the number of stitches you need for the sleeves for the size you want.)  When I got bored working on that sweater I started a baseball hat because there was only 1 on the shelf (last Friday there were 4!).  That style hat goes really fast (63 sts w/worsted wt yarn on US8's) and I had it done in about 1 1/2 hours and went through my bag looking for the red yarn to do the embroidery.  Went through the car looking for the red yarn.  Crawled around on the floor of the shop behind the counter looking for the red yarn.  No red yarn. The semi-finished hat went back into the bag.  Boy, was I glad I really didn't want to knit today.  But I didn't want to read, either.  Customers kept coming in so I had someone to talk to.  The day moved along nicely.  Finally it was time to tally up and go home where the dog met me at the kitchen door with some garbage from the kitchen pail spread out around her.    She quickly ran into the bedroom to wake up Jeff and tell him I was home.  I'm not sure she was glad to see me because it was me or because it was a good excuse to wake him up.  They had worked in the apartment today and both had needed naps when they got home...she just woke up first.  p.s.  The red yarn was on the footstool in front of my chair in the  TV room.  Didn't quite make it into my bag this morning.

Monday, September 7, 2015

We're Digging Our Way Out

      It was too hot to do any cleaning or packing at the apartment today so we've been taking it easy watching The Librarian marathon that's been on TV all day...that is until Jeff decided to go down and see what he could do...and since the trailer was hitched to the car...maybe bring back a load of pallets.  Since I wasn't going with him, I finished getting my yarn stash in the Rubbermaid boxes in the closet by the parlor.  I had gotten the shelf units behind the TV yesterday but Jeff didn't think I could resist filling them.  I told him they were for his books and will stay empty until he moves the books there.   (I don't think he believes me.)                                                                       
There are empty spots developing here and there in the parlor as the canned goods we brought from Jeff's kitchen are unpacked and put away.  The pantry closet is full...bursting is more like it! And so are the kitchen cupboards!  At least we won't starve.
   We ate supper so late last night...after 9pm...that I never got around to washing dishes.  We just had a late lunch and now I really have to wash dishes!!