Friday, December 15, 2017

The New Refrigerator

     We waited (not too) patiently for our new Amana refrigerator to be delivered this morning.  Robinson's in Mohawk had left a message on our machine yesterday saying they would call before they came up so that means we'll be home till they do. We have blue sky, frigid temps and snow on the ground today. Wish Santa had come up with something a little more glamorous than a refrigerator for this year's big present. I had a guy in the shop yesterday buy his wife a $225 Amethyst necklace for Christmas. He said it was only the 2nd time he bought her something that expensive in the 42 years they've been together.  (The 1st was her engagement ring.) I asked if she'd question his motives...had he done something he had to atone for?  He said he'd just say she was worth it.  Some people have all the luck, huh? Well, at least I can knit while I wait for my refrigerator!!
   The new Amana was just delivered! And it's not noon yet!!! Now to get rid of all the junk Jeff moved in front of the sink...he wanted to renovate the kitchen...move cupboards...I said NO!! The kitchen is a mess and all we did was get a new refrigerator! He moved the small dresser we were using as the base for our small refrigerator and Berkey water filter and just left it.  I eventually moved it to the porch (whether he likes it or not!).
   Well, the new refrigerator looks good in the kitchen (so far it's only got milk, Sunny D, butter, eggs and a steak that's thawing). The Berkey water filter, needing a new home, was moved to the dining bar and one of the bar chairs got moved across the room but the kitchen looks pretty good. Don't know how long that will last...but right now, it's fine!
   We went to the Greek diner on N. Main St for a late lunch and had some of his great chicken soup with our burgers and fries (and onion rings for Jeff)......and got to share a free piece of cheesecake for dessert! All for less than $20 (and we even brought home a little brown bag with four cups of rice pudding!) After a stop at the grocery store (for milk, Sunny D and butter), the dogs and I were dropped off at home and Jeff took the car to Jiffy Lube where $45 dollars later he had had the oil and filter changed, the chassis lubed, air filter changed, and all the other liquid levels checked/filled. I had misread the sign...thought it was $31 for everything but Jeff felt the extra $11 for the air filter was worth it.  (The rest was sales tax.) The Forester is now ready for winter!

The shop donated a percentage of our Nov. sales  ($269.98) to the local Food Pantry this year and it was matched by the Scriven Foundation making it a very nice donation indeed.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Hats

     Here are some of the new hats that are now sitting in my stock bag waiting for their trip to the shop on Thursday.  The top one has a group of snowmen around the hat with some snowflakes falling between them,  the middle one is a Christmas rose and the bottom three are snowflake patterns.  All are hand knit in Red Heart acrylic on US7's and are machine wash and dryable.  They will fit a child 6mos to 1 yr.  Next Saturday(Dec. 16th) some of them will be with the shop's display at the Chamber of Commerce's 1st-ever Holiday Artisan Festival at historic Templeton Hall on Pioneer Street and then again they will be part of the shop's display at the vendor's show at Bassett Clinic next Tuesday Dec. 19th.   Of course, if they sell before then.... (I can only hope.)

Friday, December 8, 2017

Time for a New Refrigerator

   Well, today we went shopping for a new refrigerator...not something I like doing so close to Christmas but we have been leaving food on the porch for about a week now and it was going to be get another can of Freon($30) to put in the refrigerator we have or buy a new one.  We've already  added Freon twice.  Jeff had been to Robinson's in Mohawk looking for the parts he needed to put Freon in the first time and was impressed with the small store.  Mom had bought many appliances there over the years and had always been pleased with the appliances and the service.  I was satisfied going to Lowe's but Jeff wanted to check out Robinson's first so we went there today. 
   We were shown several top label refrigerators...Amana, Frigidaire and others...and the prices were competitive with what I had seen online with Lowe's.  Then Jeff told the guy (Kim ?) that we wanted a smaller unit and he showed us a couple and we picked this Amana.  The price was right ($499), delivery would be free, and the unit was guaranteed for a year.  We picked the one we liked and it will be delivered on Wednesday.
   Then we stopped at the Herkimer Library and I printed off the distribution form for my deferred compensation fund, filled out and faxed it in requesting a payment.  That was the easy part.   It hurt a little to spend that much money on a kitchen appliance but I had set up the DCF for just repairs, septic tank draining and kitchen appliances.  It would have been much more fun to spend that much money on some yarn or jewelry!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas on Main St, Cooperstown, NY

      One of our shop members, Bonnie Enjem, took some night shots of the storefront and I've been downloading them to Facebook every day...sort of a Christmas commercial!

    You can get an idea of what's inside but it looks a little cluttered.  Oh, well,  fine handcrafts from the heart of New York show up anyway!  A portion of all sales from Nov. 13 to Dec. 13 will go to the local Food Pantry.
   Another way to see what's inside the shop is to keep an eye open for our commercial on WKTV during their Christmas on Main St segments.  Programs featuring our commercial airing during the week are:

·         NewsChannel 2 a Sunrise (6-7am)
·         NBC Today Show (7-9am)
·         Wheel/Jeopardy (7-8pm)
Those programs airing on weekends are:
·         NBC Saturday Today Show (7-9am)
·         NBC Sunday Today (8-9am)
·         Newschannel 2 Sunday AM (9-10am)
And during normal daytime on-air programing Dec.2 thru 12th.
   Of course, the best way to see what's available at Cooper Country Crafts is to stop in and browse for yourself.  The shop will be open daily, 10am-5pm thru Dec. 24th

Monday, November 27, 2017

Maggie & Me

   My college friend, Maggie Schanz and her daughter, Kristina, paid me a surprise visit in the shop Saturday. (Really made my day!)  We've been promising our other college friend, Tim, that we'd send him a current photo of 'his favorite 2 college babes' for quite a while but both of us have managed to avoid it until now.  Kristina offered to be the photographer and snapped a couple of shots of Maggie and me...and I retaliated by taking this one of Maggie and her!  I sent them to Tim in South Florida when I got home and he was thrilled to get them.  (Why, I don't understand!)  Anyways, always the gentleman, Tim maintains we haven't aged one bit and look just the same.  (Wonder what he's been drinking, huh?)   I've managed to avoid posting up-to-date photos of myself until now but this blows that.  Gee, I managed to send him the photos but I can't seem to post that photo of Maggie and me.  Got to keep working at it.  
Well, I finally figured out how to download it....

Cataract Procedure #2...Done at Last!

     My 2nd Cataract Procedure-the left eye was completed on Nov. 17th at Little Falls Hospital with Dr. Lemanski and her staff.  
   I was called the day before by the Scheduling Office and told to be there by 12:45pm and not to eat or drink anything after midnight.  When we got to the waiting room at LFH it was practically standing room only!  I was the 3rd procedure scheduled for the afternoon and one of the morning procedures was still waiting to be done!!  So I waited...for about an hour in the waiting room then Jeff announced he was hungry and when I was taken in he would go down to the Bistro (as it's called) and have lunch.  After all my vitals were taken and recorded Jeff came back and we sat together for awhile, then he decided to go get another cup of coffee...really I think he wanted a cigarette...and I waited some more. 
   Around 2:30 I asked if they were going to draw blood and run an INR on me and was told it wasn't necessary.  At 3:30 the OR nurse came in and asked if an INR had been run yet and when she got a blank look from the staff the team from the lab was called and blood was drawn. (Why can't doctors, nurses and all medical staff just listen to the patient?  It would save so much time...and trouble for the patient!!) 
   The anesthesiologist came in and explained what was going to happen to was going to be different from the 1st procedure.  And I waited some more.  About  4pm the staff started timing the procedures ahead of me (average time 30 mins in the OR/actual procedure 22mins) but there was still 1 guy ahead of me!  Got to remember the OR had to be cleaned between each procedure adding to the wait time,too.  Finally, around 5pm I was wheeled into the OR.  My head was taped down, my left eye taped open, the O2 hose was put in my nose and the drape put over my head.  I complained that I couldn't breath and someone lifted up one side of the drape.  (I heard the anesthesiologist say I had 'a touch of claustrophobia' but I think the O2 hose wasn't in my nose properly.)
   I got a little surge of 'happy gas' and then the procedure was about over.  Not very interesting this time around.  Dr. Lemanski did not pack my eye, just covered it with the plastic shield and taped it down.  I was rolled back to my room to wait some more.  My vitals signs were taken a couple more times and then I was disconnected and told I could get dressed and go home...with the usual list of 'do's and don't' and baggie of eye drops.  I would see the doctor the next morning at 10:20 in Cooperstown.  It was about 6:15pm.
   Once we were in the car and on the way home Jeff asked if I was hungry (I hadn't eaten since 8:30pm the night before...was that a necessary question??) and if I'd like to go to the Greek's for supper?  All I could think about was their chicken & rice soup!!  When we walked into the place the owner walked over to greet us, took one look at the plastic shield taped to my face, turned to Jeff and demanded to know what he had done to me!
   The next day we went to the Clinic in Cooperstown and Dr. Lemanski looked at my eye.  Actually, she looked at both eyes.  She was very pleased with the rate the right eye was healing and decided to remove the single stitch she had put in it then instead of having me come back in a week.  I just have to continue with the drops and see her for the final exam...both eyes...on Dec. 22.  At that time she'll probably give me a Rx for reading glasses.  
   I have started to drive at glasses but the headlights from oncoming cars bother me...and driving during the day is no problem except I can't see the speedometer w/o my glasses!  I'm still looking for a pair of sunglasses I like.  Oh, and I need glasses to shop...can't read labels at all w/o them!  Still I recommend if you're told you have cataracts, get them removed.  It's worth the hassle.  (Oh, and I ended up with a small 'black eye' with the left eye!)

Friday, November 24, 2017


   Thanksgiving is over...and a nice day it was!  The weather was sunny and brisk but dry and Ed and Sherry both joined us. 
   Sherry brought a bag of dog toys for Fanny and Zoey and a big bag of Rachel Ray grain-less dog food that no longer agrees with her Cocker-Schnauzer mix, Sunny. (I mixed it with the girls' regular dog food and they inhaled it!)  She brought them a large fleece blanket that her dogs love cuddling in but Fanny wasn't interested at all and Zoey lost interest quickly (she preferred chewing a hole in my old comforter and pulling out the batting! Fanny had already done one corner when she was a pup so Zoey thought it was only fair she do another but she didn't stay in a corner!)  One of the toys was a red and green fuzzy tennis ball with rope handles thru it.  Zoey managed to pull part of the red fuzzy fabric off the ball but she at least she didn't 'kill' the ball.  Sherry also brought them rawhide 'cigars' that I saved until this morning.  Fanny destroyed half of hers quickly but Zoey just carried hers' around with for awhile.
   We don't have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner because Jeff doesn't like turkey.  Usually we have roast pork but once in awhile we do a nice London Broil or steaks.  Yesterday we put some steaks on the Ronco Rotisserie, served them with fried carrots and baked butternut squash, baked potatoes and gravy.  I even made baking powder biscuits!  Dessert was an apple pie...that I made in the morning...and a blueberry pie that Ed brought.  I felt generous so I
shared the vanilla ice cream and 'the best chocolate fudge sauce in Michigan' that I had left from my cataract procedure recovery menu.  Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and warm hot fudge sauce!!! Excellent dessert if I say so myself.  I sent Ed home with a couple of pieces of his blueberry pie and a couple of pieces of my apple pie and filled my pie dish with the same.  This morning there was a lone piece of blueberry pie left in the pie dish!  I was surprised the apple pie disappeared so quickly since it was my first attempt at one but it turned out pretty good.  Have to do it again.  (When we had first gotten our camp in Speculator my dad was there more than mom and me because of our craft show schedule.  Every time we did make it up there he always raved about the apple pie one of our new neighbors' had made.  Her pie crust was the best he had ever eaten.  And if you knew my dad, you know he was an expert on apple pie.  Well, finally my mom asked the woman what her secret was for the great pie crust because it was a great crust.  Paula just laughed and walked to her refrigerator, took out and handed my mom a box of Pillsbury All-ready Pie Crust.  That became my mom's secret recipe for pie crust, too, and now it's mine.  p.s.  no one told Dad!)
   Today I have to work on part of the hat/scarf order that is suppose to be finished by tomorrow.  I can do it if I actually sit and knit so I better go and get busy.