Tuesday, August 22, 2017


   Had another set of tests done yesterday at the Eye Clinic at Bassett in Cooperstown.  The first set was done last Monday (8/14) at Cooperstown and the surgeon, Dr Manns, wasn't pleased with the results.   While there was no question about the size, etc of the cataract in my left eye, the right eye wasn't so easy to diagnose.  He wasn't sure about the condition of the retina and wanted a clearer view of it before scheduling cataract removal.  He wasn't sure removing the cataract would improve the vision in my right eye that much.  So yesterday I reported to the clinic at 11:45 and sat in the waiting room for about half an hour before it was my turn.  The tests took about an hour and then it was back to the waiting room for another hour's wait.  Finally I got to see the doctor who decided to schedule another test before oking the surgery.  Finally,he was satisfied with the test results and he okayed cataract removal.  The scheduling team would be in-touch.
   In the meantime, Jeff and the canines were waiting for me in the parking lot.  He was talking to people about beagles and Zoey was making friends.  Fanny was just putting up with all the strangers...she doesn't like meeting new people, remember?  Everyone was happy to see me and after a quick stop at the shop to leave some new stock, we headed for home.  It was too late to plan on stopping at Mona's in Mohawk (the purple house on Main St closes at 2pm)so we decided to stop at Mr. Shake's on Rte. 28
near Columbia Center.  Jeff got a bacon cheeseburger with everything on it, I had pulled pork and the dogs shared a plain hamburger patty.  We got 1 order of French fries and 1 order of onion rings, 2 sodas and a bowl of water.  We sat on the deck in the shade next to the mini-golf course...what a nice breeze there was and when some kids started to play golf and the water feature was turned on it was a very nice spot and we enjoyed our lunch.  We even had ice cream cones for dessert...I shared mine with the dogs!
   When we got home all four of us were beat so it was nap time for us all!   And we slept thru the supper hour so I didn't have to cook!  After watching the President on TV last night Jeff decided he was hungry so he went down to Burger King but the dogs and I were still sacked out!  Fanny heard him after he came back when he was straightening things up around the burn barrel near the driveway and she managed to wake up the rest of us.  Zoey may still be little but when she starts to bay....!!!  No one can sleep thru that!
   The Scheduling Center at Bassett called this morning to schedule my cataract removals...the right eye at Little Falls Hospital on Sept 21 and the left eye at Fox Memorial in Oneonta on Oct 1.  I said no.  I explained to the woman that I have an mechanical heart valve and take Warfarin and would have to bridge off Warfarin and on to Heparin for both procedures and while Little Falls Hospital would be my 1st choice,Fox would not be acceptable at all due to the distance.  She hemmed and hawed for a few minutes and then said she would try to schedule both eyes at Little Falls and would call back.  I'm not even sure now if Dr. Manns will end up doing the procdures!  All I know is that I'm not going to drive to Oneonta to have it done when Little Falls is 6 miles away, and Bassett is 35 miles away.  Oneonta is about 50 miles away and neither one of us is familiar with those roads. I'm willing to wait until they can schedule both eyes at Little Falls.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tearing Down the Raised Boxes

     Jeff and Wally decided today was a perfect day to start tearing down the rotten garden boxes and burn them.  Wally brought up his burn barrel and they started taking the first row of boxes apart and  
feeding them into the fire in the barrel.  Eventho the wood was wet...and rotten...the box parts burnt nicely, sending up bellows of white smoke. I
asked if they were sending smoke signals or electing a Pope.  Wally and Jeff compared lawn tractors (ours is newer) and Wally finds it hard to believe how few miles our has on it!  (Less than 60 hrs of use and it's 10 yrs old!)  Jeff sent me down to Tractor Supply to get the small cart to complete the ensemble.  It does seem a lot easier to put things in the cart and drive it to the burn barrel than having to drag them over to it.   Fanny and Zoey ran around the yard keeping an eye on the guys while exploring between the boxes.  I don't know how long it will take to burn all the boxes but they were busy and happy today...guys and dogs.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Our Cub Cadet is Here!

   Our Cub Cadet garden tractor was delivered this morning.  Here's Jeff getting the lesson on maintaince...the when and how to change
oil and air filters etc.  (Come to find out the guy who delivered it is a distant relative of Jeff's mother's family!)  
And then it was a quick pass in front of the garden boxes and up the side of the house!  I wish I had been faster with the camera because the look on Wally's face when he drove by was worth a photo!  What do they say about a picture being worth more than words!  Now Wally and Jeff can have races on their lawn tractors to see who gets to the mailboxes the fastest!
   Jeff says the snow blower will be a job putting on but once it's on for the season it will stay on till spring!  The tractor came with extra weights in the back wheels and chains for them!  All we need is snow!  (But it doesn't have to come to soon!!)
    Fanny didn't care to come out and greet the delivery or inspect the tractor so I hooked Zoey up to her leash and then to Fanny's so she had 3 lengths of leash to roam.  It wasn't long enough for our puppy and she managed to get tangled up around a chair and the table leg.  She did some exploring between
the house and the garage but it wasn't enough for her.
  OH, no!  It's raining and Jeff's back inside!  Seems the tractor threw the drivebelt!  He's on the phone to the dealer right now!  The dealer is now on his way back here to pick it up.  He's going to have to change some more belts!  
  The guy from J.B.'s Small Engines in on Rte.5 was back in no time, loaded up our lawn tractor and took it away.  He just came back with it...with 2 new pulleys on the mower deck...and profound apologies. Seems something was put together wrong during the overhaul and that caused the drive belt to slip.  Nothing lost on our part.  Jeff is outside now mowing around the house, along the west side, across the
the house back, in the front.  He's done more in the last 15 minutes on the tractor than I could do with the walk behind in an entire day!  We finally have a back yard, again!  I am officially admitting it.  Jeff was right.  We needed the garden tractor/riding mower...just no one tell him I said so, OK?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Channel Catfish

Jeff went fishing tonight and got this channel catfish near the Frankfort marina.  It weighted 8 lbs. and was 26" long.  He released it back into the river after this photo was taken.  He had several more hits...they got his bait...but he couldn't land anything else.  His brother, Tim, got an even bigger one last week in about the same spot but that one went home for supper!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Riding Mower and Snow Blower

   I had to mail a card yesterday afternoon so we all went for a ride.  Zoey started out in front on Jeff's lap crying to beat the band.  After the quick stop at the post office we went to Tractor Supply to look at riding mowers that are usually on display in front of the store.  Nothing.  We went inside leaving the dogs together on the back seat of the Forester with the windows down a couple of inches and the moon roof wide open.  Fanny gave us a dirty look as we walked away leaving her with the crying baby.  We never got to ask about riding mowers because Jeff stumbled upon the last folding chair in the store.  It was marked 'half off' making it $24.  He broke the last of the 4 chairs we got last summer the night before.  This chair was rated to hold 300lbs and had an attached awning.  It was a little higher than the other chairs, too. He's been wanting one all summer.  We've both been having difficult getting out of the other chairs because we were sitting too low in them and the chairs were too light.  Anyway, he got the chair.  It will be nice with the awning on hot sunny days and at night with heavy dew or light rain.
   Our next stop was at Luther's Outdoor Equipment on Rte 5 outside of Frankfort.  Jeff had seen some used riding mowers there and wanted to check them out.  They had several parked in front of the place and they all looked USED (rode hard and put away wet)to me.  They did not impress me in the least.  And the place was closed anyway,  so we headed to our next location JB's Small Engines in Schuyler, a Cub Cadet dealer.  Sherry, Jeff's sister, had once bought a very nice lawn mower from them that we now have...but it doesn't work because the blade shaft is jammed and Jeff hasn't been able to get it apart.  Anyway, we went there just to look because we didn't think they'd have anything we could afford.  BUT...they had just taken in a riding mower with a snow blower as a trade-in. They started the engine for Jeff and opened the hood (all man impressing moves) and told him that the set- up had about 50hrs use.  We asked the price and exchanged glances.  It was in our budget and after a few more questions, we bought it for $1500.  It will be serviced and get new tires and delivered next week.  Jeff's pleased with the machine and I'm grateful we stuck to the budget. Jeff still says I have to learn to drive it and I'm still saying NO WAY.  I'm happy with the walk-behind mower and I don't care about snow removal.  We celebrated by stopping at Arby's on the way home and picking up supper. 
  Once in the backseat Zoey seemed to like riding in the car more and stopped crying.  Fanny was still giving us dirty looks.  Zoey actually fell asleep on the back seat!  This morning we all slept late.  Good  

thing my bed is a Queen otherwise there wouldn't be enough room for Fanny, Zoey and me.
   Jeff was also interested in the Cub Cadet BushWacher, weed wacker that JB's had on sale.  He wanted go back and get one but had to think about it for a day or two first.  Luckily, they still had some in stock when he finally got around to it today.  Now I just have to hope he doesn't wack all the naturalized flowers...lilies, forsythia, bleeding hearts, etc that are growing around the foundation of the house.  I may have to put up signs "NO MOWING HERE" to save my flowers! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Packages, Snowblowrs and Whatever

     I checked at the bank to make sure my math was right then informed Jeff that he could start shopping for that riding mower he has his heart set on...as long as he keeps the mower with snow blower attachment within the $$ limit I set.  If he can find a used/rebuilt John Deere tractor for a decent price he can buy a new blower attachment.  Or he can go to Tractor Supply and look at their Cub Cadets.  Maybe even go to the Cub Cadet dealer and see about a rebuilt one there.  I don't care which make he buys or where, just don't ask me to learn to drive it.  He can now mow the majority of the lawn...I'll do the edging and around the trees and what-have-you's.  This was his idea and I'm willing to compromise.  I'll pay for it but I won't use it.   And as for blowing the snow....
   I finally got my Yarn Pal package put together and in the mail today.  When I took it to the post office the young guy behind the counter asked what country it was going to.  It was clearly addressed to Glasgow, Scotland.  What country did he think it was going to?  No comment on our educational system.  The package has several skeins of yarn, some chocolate that I bought in the shop...one piece is in the shape of a sheep!...a book of patterns, stitch markers and hand lotion all in a project bag that I finally finished with Zoey's help (wanted or not).  I put everything in the project bag and then put the project bag in a giant Ziploc bag before putting it in the mailer.  It was a tight fit and hopefully that will help the sheep from breaking into too many pieces! I also put a shop brochure and one of my business cards as well as a letter I wrote in a card. I had some hand drawn postcards of Cooperstown landmarks that I was suppose to put in the package but I don't know if I did or not.  Hope I did since I can't find them....  I won't tell you how much postage was and the package weighted 5 lbs!  I just hope my Yarn Pal doesn't have to pay duty on it.  I also sent a thank you note to Heather, my Yarn Pal in England, for the great package she recently sent me.  I sent her a chocolate sheep, too, and that package cost  $12.00.
   I switched work days with a friend in the shop and now I have to work tomorrow afternoon.  Half-days aren't bad and this will be my first time going in from 1:30 to 5pm.  Zoey is such a handful I haven't got much knitting done.  She loves balls of yarn and can ferret them out no matter where I stash them.  I'm going to try and get a hat done tonight.
   I have an appointment with an ophthalmological surgeon Monday morning to see if I'm a candidate for cataract surgery.  If Dr. Mann approves me, he'll schedule my procedure.  Because of my mechanical heart valve I'll have to bridge off of Warfarin and give myself injections of Heparin for several days before and after the procedure.  I had to do that when I  had the meniscus in my left knee repaired before I retired and did not like it.  I don't think I'll like it any better this time but if it helps my vision....   Anyway, I'll know on Monday.
   Monday afternoon Fanny's scheduled for another mani-pedi at the groomer on the corner of Main St. and Park Ave. in Herkimer.  Zoey needs a mani-pedi too...boy, are her nails sharp!...but the groomer prefers puppies who have had more of their shots than Zoey has.  Zoey has had only the 1st set.  She's due for the next batch and after that then she can have her nails clipped.
   Jeff seems to collect Mormon missionaries and has 2 young men here visiting with him this afternoon.  They try to teach him their ways but he manages to trip them up and teach them a thing or two every visit.  I think these guys have made Jeff their 'project' and wish them all...the 2 Mormons and Jeff...luck.

Monday, August 7, 2017

I Should Be Mowing Grass

    The sun is out today but I don't know for how long.  I mowed the space between the house and the garage while Jeff watched the dogs play in the still tall grass.  Got to find the energy to mow more.
      Zoey follows Fanny around smelling the grass a lot.  Fanny is loose but Zoey is on leash...she doesn't understand what 'stay in the yard' means yet and the trailing leash behind her gives Jeff an extra 3 feet in the race to catch up!  When they find something that smells good Fanny will roll over

in it and Zoey has 
caught on quickly!  Fanny also takes this as
an opportunity to do a quick 'touch-up wash' of
Zoey.   Zoey will follow Fanny around the yard and try to stick her nose under her when Fanny stops to pee but she hasn't got it yet that
that is something she should be doing, too.  Zoey loves being outside.
    Now both dogs have crashed.  Fanny on her chair next to the computer and Zoey on the pillow under it.  Jeff went fishing and is going to bring home something for supper.  No, not fish.  Probably pizza and wings.  I told him that was easier because I didn't know when he'd be back and it would be difficult to have a hot supper ready for him.  Sounds good, doesn't it?
   I should knit while the knitting is good but frankly, I don't feel like doing anything.  I'm not sick just not myself.  Jeff thinks after I have my cataracts taken care of I'll feel better.  Sure hope so because I don't like the way I feel.  Oh, well, I guess I'll force myself and knit.