Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Royal Wedding...and Other things

   Fanny got me up about 5am on Saturday because she 'had to go' so while the dogs were outside and the coffee was brewing, I turned on the TV...BBCAmerica, of watch the wedding.  The hats and the colors the guests were wearing sure put American women to shame!  But the color combo I like the best was being worn by the Queen!  Her lime green and purple outfit looked I dug into my yarn bag and found what was left of the Apple Green Red Heart worsted that I used for one of the shrugs and sat down and started a hat.  I had just enough yarn and thought it was close enough to be called lime!  There was plenty of the Dark Orchid Red Heart for a knit rose but I had to really scrounge for a couple of days to find something to use for leaves.  Ended up finding just enough Forest Green to make 2 small leaves. 
I got the hat finished yesterday and I'm very pleased with the results.  Hope someone else likes it as much as I do and buys it!  I managed to find some raspberry yarn to make another rose for the 2nd hat I did Saturday...that one was in

Red Heart's Pond.  I was really trying to use up what was left from the shrugs.  Both of these hats are slightly bigger than the usual baby hats.  They will fit little girls up to 2 years old.  Hats are the only things that I've been selling at the shop so I want to keep the display full.  Gray's been a good seller so I did

another gray hat...this time a baby hat.  I was thinking of doing a Baseball Hat to fit a 2 year old but I'm not sure it would sell.  (It ended up being today's project.  I just finished them!  8:45pm, 5/24/18)
I'd like to take the hats to the shop tomorrow or Friday morning ...after all, nothing sells from my knitting bag hanging on the back of a chair in the kitchen. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Life Goes On

My shrugs compliment Sharon Gibbons' sundresses
   I finished the shrugs I'd been working on and took them to the shop with plenty of time for Spring Fling this past weekend but the weather did not cooperate and it rained.  Sales on Saturday...when the parking lot was suppose to be full of spring flingers...was not what we were hoping for.  Oh, well, there's always next weekend...Memorial Day!  I've been working on some toddler-size hats as well as the baby-size I
usually do and plan on taking them down this week to fill in the spaces in the hat display.  Sweaters have not sold at all this spring.  Very disappointing.
   Zoey's been perfecting her 'thief' skills.  The other day I went into my bedroom intending to get the card wallet out of my purse but the pocket it was suppose to be in was empty. 

The outside pocket was empty!

 The zipper had been opened and Zoey was lying on the bed chewing away!  Luckily, she hadn't been able to chew thru the layers and damage any of the cards (driver's license, health insurance cards, credit cards, etc.) except my library card.  And that card doesn't have to be scanned or run thru a machine, the numbers just have to be legible.  The library aide and I had a good laugh but now I have to make sure the zipper is totally closed when I hang my purse on the closet doorknob!

   Zoey has become our 'Early Canine Warning System'.  She sits on the chair in the window of my room peeking out from under the curtain...looks like Megan Markel's wedding veil...and announces when someone is turning into our driveway, going past our house, driving on Smallsbush Rd--going down the hill, etc.  She takes her job very seriously.  Fanny use to be like that, too, but as she got older I think she decided it wasn't worth the effort to announce every car or person who went by.  It's still new to Zoey and she must find it exciting.  I usually remember to tie back the curtains because I'm just not sure she won't pull them down by accident some day. 
   Jeff got bite by a tick Saturday.  After rolling around trying to work on the Cub Cadet I'm not surprised!  He checked Fanny and found one on her head and I had to use the tick comb and remove it.  Zoey enjoys being checked for ticks (Fanny doesn't) when they come in from playing outside.  So far I haven't found any on her.  I suppose once I do...and have to remove it...she won't like being checked anymore.  Another fun activity living in the country.
    Jeff had to prune one of the old lilac trees my mother's oldest sister's husband, Frank Fiala, gave her when my parents bought this house in 1962 because it was badly damaged in that last weird storm we had this year.  I didn't think any of it would blossom this year but he just cut these blossoms off from the broken branches!   I really don't have any
idea how old the tree is but my aunt was 20 years older than my mom and they had been living in their house on Bellinger St for as long as I could remember.  Mom always loved this lilac and so do I.  I think I'll put this bunch in my bedroom...high above Zoey head...wonder what it will do for my allergies?  Aw, it'll be worth it!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Saturday in the Shop

   I worked in the shop on Saturday and had these 2 girls' shrugs finished to take with me.  They were made to coordinate with the sundresses by Sharon Gibbons.  The top shrug is a size 4-5 hand-knit with Red Heart Flamingo, a 100% acrylic yarn on US7's.  The bottom picture is a size 2-3 shrug done in Red Heart Genadina , also a 100% acrylic yarn on US7's.  I didn't get the 3rd shrug finished but hope to get to it today.  It's a size 4-5 done in Red Heart Pool, a 100% acrylic deep teal.  I also have a skein of Spring Green and Dark Orchid waiting to be made into shrugs, too.  Hopefully, I'll have them done by next Monday when I work in the shop again.  
   I also took a Baseball hat and it sold to a lady visiting from Louisiana.  It was going to be part of a christening gift (with a crocheted baseball and bat rattle).  I'd like to do a couple more BB hats before Monday.  They sure go fast!! 
   My friend Maggie stopped in on her way home from work at the Farmer's Museum and we got to visit for awhile.  It's sure nice to be able to talk with an old friend, isn't it?  It really perked me up!  Friday night had been rough here in the little house in the little woods.  We were under a tornado watch and the wind was strong most of the night.  Branches kept breaking around us and every time there was a loud bang Fanny, the older, larger dog, would wake up barking, and run thru the house looking for a safe spot to hide.  Zoey would then wake up and take off after her baying like crazy.  Did not make it very easy to sleep.  Jeff had gone to town and until he came home Fanny kept her little routine going.  I was not a happy camper by the time he did get home.  I think I ended up with 4 or 5 hours sleep.  Not enough to work in the shop properly.  I know I screwed up the closing.  I couldn't get the cash drawer to add up the same way twice!!  Finally I just left it and hoped I wasn't too far off.  
   This morning our friend, Tim, sent me some photos of his daughter's wedding in Florida and I copied and pasted them to send to Maggie so I decided to try and paste one or 2 here.  I don't know how long they'll last because they're coming off of Facebook.  Oh, well, Lauren was a beautiful bride and I hope this photo lasts a couple of weeks at least!

Friday, May 4, 2018

May the 4th be with you!

    May the 4th be with you!  I can't believe it's May 4th!  What happened to April?  Ok, it wasn't very remarkable...a lot of the same old, same old... lousy weather, car problems, dogs needing to see the vet, trips to the doctors for the humans...but I thought it was never going to end!  And suddenly it's May 4th!  WOW!  Talk about time flying!  
   I've had the windows open the last couple of days and Zoey's been sitting on the cedar chest next to my computer in front of one.  One corner of the screen is now pushed out of the frame and I don't know if she did it or not.  I even found her sitting there last night...around the dark with her nose against the screen!  It had just started to rain hard so I was up shutting windows.  I don't think she approved but she didn't complain.  Fanny was laying next to Jeff's computer...I think she heard/felt thunder in the distance...and was ignoring me.  Zoey just came to bed with me and curled up...she didn't seem to be bothered by thunder or rain.  When I woke up this morning both dogs were on my bed so I guess Fanny got over her nervousness eventually.
   I've been trying to fill up my space in the shop with something that will sell.  (My total sales for April was 1 Baseball Hat.)  It was suggested that I make some little girl shrugs to coordinate with the little girl sundresses that we carry. I've done that in the past so I agreed.  Sharon, the crafter who sews the dresses, sent me the fabric samples and I took them with me when I went shopping for yarn.  I found several colors that were new this year that picked out something from those samples.  I've finished 2 shrugs so each, a size 2 and 4...and have another size 4 on the needles.  I hope to get another size 2 done before I go to the shop to work on Sunday.  (Got to get some of those Baseball Hats done, too!  If nothing else, they sell!)  Here's the size 2 shrug done in Red Heart Grenadina, a
100% acrylic yarn that is
machine wash and dryable.  And that's the
fabric sample pictured with it.  They matched rather well, don't they?  The 2nd shrug is a size 4 in Red Heart Flamingo and the size 4 on the needles with Red Heart Pool, a deep aqua. I've got a skein of Red Heart Spring Green in my stash somewhere that I had to hide from Zoey (she kept stealing it out of the Walmart bag as it hung on the back of a kitchen chair!) and now I can't find it.  It's there, just got to dig a little!


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Still Stuck At Home

    When you're stuck at home (6 miles from town) without a car you better have something to do.  I'm lucky because my Yarn Stash is fairly full so I can knit.  This week I did this size 4 baseball hoodie in red, white and blue acrylic yarn by Red Heart, perfect for a Boston or Atlanta fan.  Besides the Henley neck with 3 baseball buttons, it has a back zipper for ease getting it on and off.  It's knit on US 5's and 7's.  Then, being a good Yankee fan, I started a navy and white
Yankee Pin-stripe hoodie.  I wasn't going to do another size 4 but lost track of the hood and ended up with the length for one.  I just finished the sleeves this afternoon and hope to get the body done tonight.  Then I'll probably spend the next 2 days embroidering the pin-stripes.  I'll post a photo as soon as it's finished.
   In the meantime, we're all starting to feel the cabin fever of not being able to go anywhere.  There are errands that should be done, bills to mail (well, one of us could just walk down to the mailbox and leave them with the red flag up...), I have 15 books on reserve waiting for me to pick them up at the library, a Rx at the pharmacy and we've started to run low on bread. And I still haven't picked up my new glasses! But it's the principle of the matter that's bugging me.  The transmission for the Forester...was suppose to be in by Friday...but just got delivered today.  (Should of asked 'which Friday', huh?)  I could scream but what good would it do?  We don't live close enough to the mechanics for him to hear me.  Jeff took a taxi (to and from) his MD appointment on Monday but I rescheduled my Tuesday morning appointment.  Now I have an appointment to have my taxes done and an appointment in Cooperstown coming up early next week.  And 'spring cleaning' at the shop begins next week, too.  (If you don't put in a day during 'spring cleaning' you have to work an extra day during the season.)  Oh, and I thought I'd treat us all and ordered an Easter bread from the Java Shop on Main St in Herkimer but it's suppose to be picked up on Friday!  Maybe I'll have to call my cousin Ed again.  

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Another Pothole or Two

   There always seems to be 'potholes' in our road of life.  I finally got my new glasses from Woolner Family Eyecare in Ilion and I loved them!  They fit perfectly and I could see distance and close up with them.  Much better than peering over the lens like I had been doing with my old glasses.  Then...Zoey ate them.  Shattered one lens and chewed both ear
pieces.  I went back to Woolner's and laughing, and were able to replace the earpieces and reorder the lens.  It cost me $78.71 for the lens.  And, because 1 piece of the lens was missing I had to check Zoey's poop for 3 or 4 days to make sure she didn't swallow it.  Luckily, it never showed up!  That's all we would have needed...Zoey with gastrointestinal problems!  Now I'm waiting for Woolner's to call.  Jeff's waiting for his new glasses from them, too.  (Oh, Jeff suggested I move my mom's big old jewelry box to my bedside table and put my glasses at night...and charging ports... in it to keep them from Zoey after she destroyed an older Kodak digital camera I was trying to recharge.  My cellphone has little teeth marks on it, too!  So far, it's proven too heavy and bulky for her to move very far!)  
  We've been having some difficulty with our '09 Forester for several months.  Jeff  was sure it needed a tune-up but he never got around to scheduling one with Dave at Hillslide in Little Falls.  He always said 'back in the day, he could do it himself' but with computers involved all he could do was to keep checking the fluid levels and keep them up.  Monday morning we were on our way to town when all the lights on the dashboard started flashing wildly!  Jeff pulled over...on Rte. 5 near the stoplight by Lowe's...and checked the oil and transmission fluid.  He decided the oil was low so we went to Lowe's and he bought a quart and put it in.  The lights stopped flashing but didn't go out.  He decided we could finish our trip to and grocery store...before heading home.  Jeff was afraid the onboard computer had short circuited.  After a phone call to Hillslide, Jeff took the Forester there yesterday afternoon.  He called me with the bad news when Dave had a chance to look at it...we needed a transmission job.  Oh, well, we had almost made it thru winter without a major problem or breakdown...almost!  Dave ordered a rebuilt transmission... that will take 3-5 days to come in...and then another 2-3 days to  install.  That makes it 5-8 days without a car, sitting here in the little house in the little woods.  And it will cost just shy of $1000 for parts, labor and tax.  (I guess I know what I'll be getting for my birthday this year.) 
   Jeff also talked to Dave about having the '99 Outback towed down to Hillslide after  the Forester was back on the road.  It needs new brakes and when they failed around Christmas I suggested we just to take it off the road for the winter and worry about fixing it in the Spring.  Well, it's Spring and looking back on that decision, maybe we should have had the brakes done then. Hindsight, huh?

Saturday, March 3, 2018

March Came in Like a Lamb? Huh?

     March came in gentle as a lamb on Thursday.  People were running around in shorts and t-shirts but Mother Nature was having a good laugh at our expense because this is what we woke up to on Friday.  At first the forecast was for 3-5" of snow overnight but it got closer to the 7" mark by the time the sun came up.  The rest of the day we were suppose to get 6-10" which they changed to 9-13" and finally settled for 10-16"...all wet, heavy snow that caused power lines to snap and trees to break.  Or bend over as you can see in these photos.  Jeff had spent Thursday morning getting the snow blower
onto the Cub Cadet and he found out as he tried
to make his way down to Wally's that he had it attached incorrectly.  He
kept getting stuck but eventually made it past
the fence and headed towards Wally's garage.   He had asked if he could pull into the garage and reattached the blower in there where there is a cement floor and not have to crawl around thru the snow.  Unfortunately,  the Cub Cadet got stuck in front of the garage and Jeff had to walk back up to the house and get the walk behind blower and clear a 2nd strip down to Wally's.  He got the tractor loose and then cleared a path to Wally's deck with the walk behind. By then he had a broken belt on the Cub Cadet.  Wally took over trying to clear the driveway with his rider but ran into
some trouble when he got to the mouth of the driveway.  (The Town manages to fill the mouth and block it very well.)  Wally ended up a broken belt on his Cub Cadet, too, and the driveway is still impassable.
   The cedar tree at the corner of our TV room was bent in half with part of it leaning on the roof last night.  The part that was on the roof has
straightened up but this part is still bent over this morning.  The snow has slipped off the TV room's a steel roof, and the porch roof...also metal.  There are a lot of small branches down but I can't see any major damage in our yard.   This branch came off a big

oak along the west side of the property and missed the house by a couple of feet.  The lilacs along the back of the property took a hard hit, too.  The big purple one has been broken by branches falling on it and snowing weighing it down.  Oh, well, a little pruning will help everything.    

   Wally's electrical entrance took a major hit and is loose but still hanging on.  We lost power for a few minutes last night but it came back.  My cousin Ed on Folts Road was without power for part of the afternoon but finally got it back.  Just in time, too, since he relies on a sump pump to keep his cellar dry. He said water was within 2" of his furnace when the power was finally restored.
   Today it's sunny and cold outside, a beautiful winter day.  Any hope for an early spring has been dashed.  The view from my window is of a snow covered field.  Maybe we'll be able to get out by Monday.  I sure hope so but in the meantime I'll knit.  I finally finished by size 4 Black Sheep sweater.  I think the next couple of sweaters will be small sizes, 1's and 2's.  They go faster, use less yarn and I don't get bored doing them.  I found I was getting lost working on the size 4...losing my way working thru the pattern.  And besides, the pile of library books next to me was more interesting than the sweater I was knitting!