Tuesday, April 18, 2017

England, At Last!

Image may contain: 2 people    My package to my Yarn Pal finally got delivered to Ringmer, in E Suzzex, England after 8 days in transit.  And Nina, my YP, likes it all!  I'm so glad!!  Because I had to use a USPS Customs Declaration I couldn't track the package and I didn't know where between upstate central New York state and E. Sussex it was. That was making me nervous!  It could have been stuck in some customs shed anywhere between here and there!  But it made it in one piece (it really had no choice...everything was stuffed into a plastic bag and then into the USPS mailing bag,  just like a fat lady into a girdle!) The yarn protected the smaller pieces and the book arrived without a crease!  I'm so relieved.  Now I just have to keep waiting for a package to arrive for me.  Yarn Pals is a round robin type swap...A sends to B, C sends to A.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Week

   The sky is weird this morning.  Bright sunshine in the east and dark clouds in the west.  The forsythia is in full bloom!  Somehow it managed to move from it's original place in front of the living room window

...where it is still going strong...to in the middle of the big window in the TV room. The 2 bushes are not
connected above ground!  Both bushes were beautiful yesterday in the sunshine framed in the windows.  Looked like Spring!  And Easter!
    Jeff's sister, Sherry, and my cousin, Ed, joined us for dinner yesterday. I cooked a pork loin on the Ronco and it was perfect.  Rubbed it with A1 Dry Rub-bold original flavor and let it spin for 2 hours and then for another 1/2 hour without the heat.  So good!!  I felt lazy so I bought a bottle of Heinz's pork gravy instead of making my own.  It was suppose to have 6 servings in the jar and Jeff and Ed did a good job on it! There was just enough left to pour over the couple of slices of pork in the doggie bag I had for Ed to take home!  Only 3" of the loin was left when I went to bed and Jeff finished that off as his midnight snack.  Actually, we bought the whole loin and cut half of it into pork chops.  The part I cooked for dinner was about 9" long and weighted about 4 lbs.  Just enough for the 4 of us...with some left for snacks for Jeff and Ed!
   Walmart had corn on the cob on display Friday when we went in to pick up my Rx so my Easter menu got a quick change.  It was nice, tender corn, too!  My Easter bread was a little dry but it's almost gone as are my cookies.  Of course, I sent some of both home with Ed and we shared the chocolate cake he brought for dessert.  Only 1 piece is left...I think Jeff may have forgotten about it...out of sight, out of mind...since I put it in the refrigerator.  I used my mom's pink tablecloth but I think it's getting old.  I noticed a worn spot that I hide with my place setting.  Guess I'll  shop around for a new tablecloth!
  I ordered cherry tree bushes last week and just got the notice that I should get them tomorrow. They get
Hansen's Bush Cherryonly 4'tall and I asked Jeff if I could use 4 of the boxes in the garden.  That would put the cherries above the deer's heads and maybe we'd get to eat them ourselves.  We'll see.  The only notice I've gotten so far about the rainbow tomatoes seeds that I ordered about a month ago was that I'd get them in '10-45 days'.  Still waiting.
   I have to work tomorrow morning in the shop so I should finish the sweater I've been s-l-o-w-l-y working on.  I don't need it to replace anything...it's the wrong color...but my stock bag is empty.  I bought a skein of amethyst (purple) but haven't started anything with it, yet. Maybe a size 1 sweater.... 
   I have 3 reasons to get dressed and go to town this morning.  When I replaced the baseball hat that sold the first week we were open, I used up the last of the skein of white yarn so I should stop at Walmart and buy another.  One of the shop members and a good friend of mine fell at home hitting his head on cement stairs.  He ended up in ICU for several days and is now in rehab.  I want to get a card to send to him.  And all my library books are due so I better return them before they start charging me overdue fines! 
   Oh, and Fanny gets to go to the vet's on Wednesday to have her ear checked. I am so looking forward to that...not.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Fanny Gets A Mani-Pedi

 Jeff and I had some errands to do in town today so Fanny went with us.  One of those errands was a quick stop at Olivia's Happy Tails on the corner of Park Ave and Main St in Herkimer.  (For you ol'Magicians, Daffy Discount!)  Fanny's nails had really grown this winter to the point where she was having trouble walking and jumping...onto beds and into cars.  Jeff picked Olivia's because it was relatively new and looked clean and bright from the outside.  He had to wrestle and drag Fanny from the car once we were parked on Park Ave.  And she didn't want to go into the shop even if the 2 of us went with her! 
   We registered her and showed the owner
Fanny's vaccine record and were quickly shown to the back where Jeff helped Olivia fit Fanny with a fabric muzzle.  They also put a choke collar on her and after being encouraged and finally put into the tub, was hooked to both sides.  Jeff kept close to try to calm
Fanny and I just kept taking photos as her nails were
quickly cut. Then Olivia
cleaned Fanny's ears.  The right ear was ok but the left ear showed signs of infection so Fanny will have to see the vet next week.  Olivia suggested using coconut oil to prevent infection but we'll go to the vets first.  We need tick and flea protection, too, so we might as well do it all at once.  Besides, do you know how much coconut oil is??  After the
ear cleaning, Fanny was sprayed with some doggie deodorant (?) and given a pretty pink neckerchief. Jeff pointed out that Fanny was actually wagging her tail when Olivia was cleaning her ears!
Back outside Fanny was ready to get in the car and go...anywhere!  She did not like walking on sidewalks even with Jeff beside him.  We drove around the block and parked by the Post Office

because I had to mail a couple of bills.  Jeff took Fanny out of the car again to pee but she was happy to get back in!  Then we went to Mona's in Mohawk for lunch (I shared part of mine with Fanny) before finally doing some grocery shopping at Hanniford's before heading home.  Fanny ran around the house
a couple of times when we got home but didn't stay outside alone.  Right now she's asleep on Jeff's chair in the TV room.  I wonder if she's dreaming of meeting the other dogs she only heard and smelled at Olivia's this morning.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Off to Merry Ol' England...Well, My Package Is!

Just back from the post office after sending my Yarn Pal's package on it's way. I remembered what my mother use to say about stuffing a fat lady into a girdle as I urged my package into one of the post office supplied bags...but like a fat lady, it finally fit! Sent it First Class to England and I think the girl said it should arrive in 5-7 days. And we won't discuss the cost of  International Postage! I only listed the gift I made on the customs declarations and declared just the cost of the yarn to make it, too. I didn't want my YP to have to pay a big custom's bill so I didn't itemize all the extras.  Let's hope it arrives without being opened!  I enjoyed collecting the little accessories, too.  After I send the proof I mailed the package to one of the moderators, Robin,
I just have to wait to see how my YP reacts.  I hope she posts some photos because while I took a photo of the gift I made I did not take any of the rest of the package! I just kept throwing things into the bag!
   Now comes the hard part...the waiting...and I have to wait to receive a package myself.  'Yarn Pals' is a double swap...you send to somebody and somebody else sends to you. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

What A Day!

     Jeff went to town on Tuesday and was stopped 4 times because the license plate had fallen off the front of the Outback!  And the first guy gave him a ticket for an expired Inspection Sticker, too!! (It had expired in Sept.!!!)  Let's just say he was not a happy camper when he got home.  Neither of us liked the idea of him being stuck in this Little House in the Little Woods without a vehicle so the planned stop at DMV that was on my to-do list because the registration on the Forester was due in April got moved to the top of the list and I stopped at the there about 9am. When I got there I looked at the front window and discovered that the inspection on the Forester had expired in March!
   I hate going in that building.  I left my purse in the car because it was easier than trying to explain why I have scissors and a pocketknife and put the change from my pocket into the pan but the sensor still went off!  I told the officer I had screws and a plate in my leg but he decided it was the eyelets on my winter shoes!  Anyway, with  4 clerks working and 3 people in line, in no time I renewed the registration for the Forester and got the form to re-register the Outback and turn-in the remaining plate.  Called Jeff from the car on my new cell phone to tell him to take the plate off the car and call Hillslide to make an appointment to have the cars inspected and headed to Ilion to have my taxes done.  I was about 40 minutes early  but I didn't care.  I only had to wait about 15 minutes before it was my turn and a volunteer from the AARP did my tax return for free.  Got a great refund due to all the money I had had to spend paying down my mortgage to refinance it...and remove Mom's name from it...before they would lower the payment.  By the time I got home Jeff had that poor old license plate off the Outback so I just filled in the form and went back to the DMV.  My shoes set the sensors off again!  And the line was considerable longer.  Got the new plates and went home.  In no time I got my stock bags in the car, visited the bathroom and headed for Cooperstown.  Going through Herkimer I decided to grab an early lunch(11:30) but so had a lot of other people because the drive-thru at Arby's was really backed up!  I went thru the empty drive-thru at Burger King and got a Crispy Chicken sandwich (which wasn't crispy and ended up in the trash at Price Chopper) and a soda and headed south on Rte 28.  I tried to keep an eye out for Troopers and to stay at the speed limits and made it to the shop by 12:15. I realized I really hadn't worked very hard this winter and I think my display needs more...the hangers and hat holders are all full but it looks skimpy. There are a few more sweaters waiting for buttons that were suppose to be here yesterday but didn't make it.  Once they arrive I'll have more to fill up the space. And maybe I'll actually be able to finish another shawl.  I finished 1 this winter.  I never had so much trouble with lace before.  Guess I just wasn't in the mood to knit fancy lacy patterns.
   The shop slowly filled up with most of the members bringing their stock in yesterday but I wasn't the only one who didn't plan well as there are still some empty shelves. We had a member decided not to return at the last leaving her space temporary empty...but that will fill in naturally.  There are new displays like this one for
the wooden cutting boards that replaces a storage unit.  Looks  much, much better than a solid green door!  We have 2 new members...a baker and a candy maker.  Several of us have already decided our treat of the day when we work will be a slice of homemade bread with maple syrup or honey followed up by a piece of chocolate. 
   We had a very productive meeting at the Cooperative Extension Bldg. on Lake St. and an excellent covered dish supper! There were several different salads, veggie dishes and pulled pork, baked macaroni, fried chicken, shrimp cocktail...and then there were the desserts. The Carrot Cake was fantastic! And the donuts!! The great food prepared us all for the rough job of filling in the work scheduled. (My first work day of the season will be Monday, 4/10.) Most members work 1 or 2 days a month...except us foolish ones who split days and because we only work half a day at a time, end up working more.   But going down more often helps to keep the shelves full.    
   Brenda brought my bear and even Jeff said it was
TJ the Velvet Bear
'nice' (high praise from him)and suggested I keep it away from the dog so right now it's sitting on my dresser amidst all my stuff and next to the stuff animal Jeff bought Mom.
I brought a bowl of the pulled pork home for Jeff (so I wouldn't have to cook) and he liked it! Fanny ignored me when I first got home but now we're friends again...and Jeff did not share any of the pulled pork with her. 
    It was a busy day for me. I was on the road from 9am to 8pm.  Wonder how many miles I covered? To the DMV, then to Ilion, back home, back to the DMV, and home again, to Cooperstown, then from the shop to Price Chopper(for the fixings for the tossed salad that was my contribution to the covered dish supper) and back to the shop, to the Cooperative Ext bldg. on Lake St and finally back home. I'm tired. I think it will be an early night. I'm not going anywhere tomorrow or Saturday...got to have the Forester inspected on Sunday!  I don't want a ticket for being out of Inspection.
p.s.  Got a email notice that those Rainbow Tomato seeds have been shipped and I should receive them in 10-45 days!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Meet The Velvet Bear

No automatic alt text available.This is the bear I had made by Brenda Olmsted Petty using my mom's silk velvet wedding gown and the silk shantung matron of honor dress she wore for her sister, Fran's wedding.  He's wearing the tuxedo bowtie my dad wore for their wedding, too.  He looks pretty good for being made from 'antique' fabric, doesn't he?  The wedding gown was used April 15, 1948 and the matron of honor dress Aug. 11, 1953.  My mom made both dresses and I think she'd agree this is a good way to recycle the dresses AND an even better way to remember the original owner and the occasions.  Brenda's prices are very reasonable and one piece of clothing can usually made several bears so more than one family member had get a memento. It makes an unusual gift, too.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cleaning the Shop Has Started

  We had our official 1st Cleaning Day at the shop in Cooperstown Thursday.  Three of us 'old timers' got together and kicked off the season.  The  electricity had to be turned on at the main fuse box (in another business near by) before we could start and even with the thermostats turned up over 70 degrees the shop was so cold for so long the 409 kept freezing whenever it was sprayed onto something!  Eventually the place warmed up...a little...and we got all the shelf units washed.  We even dismantled shelving we thought should be moved to better accommodate new merchandise.  We kept saying we're doing so much of it 'our way' that Judy will never let the 3 of us loose together in the shop again.  Towards the end of our scheduled work period the phone rang, it was Judy and Sharon (who is currently Chairperson of our co-op) explained all that we had accomplished.  I took some photos and promised to email them to Judy as soon as I got home.  (She's still away for the winter.)  Then we went to Sal's Pizza for lunch.  I had told Jeff I'd be home around 3pm but we didn't leave Cooperstown till almost 3pm.   I don't know what we looked like crossing Main St in Cooperstown...3 middle-aged ladies laughing and giggling like teenagers but I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Cleaning the shop was almost fun.
   My next job for Spring Clean-up was to send an email to the rest of the members telling them that they could go in anytime and do any of the chores on the list we left for them.  Got a couple of quick responses and 2 other members will be joining Abby and me on Tuesday for a painting session.  I sent Judy the photos of what we did and got a phone call(just love Skype calls, don't you, that fade in and out) from her asking for more details.  Anyway, on Tuesday while those 2 additional members will be painting walls, Abby and I will be putting back some of what we dismantled.  We knew she probably wouldn't like what we did but we did it anyway and now we have no one to blame but ourselves because we have to put it back. (Judy is CEO and was one of the shop's founders so it's still her 'baby' 43 years later.)
   Anyway, I am getting a new display for shawls and adult hats.  Abby measured the space and is bringing in a square piece of plywood to create a shelf.  Jeff's said he'd cut a 2x4 for me and Abby and I will create a hat stand.  She uses empty toilet paper rolls covered with fabric over a dowel to hold hats and the shelf is just big enough for a couple of them. Now I just have to finish a couple more shawls and do some adult hats.  Last night I collected some hat patterns and can't wait to do them.   Only 13 days till the shop's scheduled to reopen for the season and one of those days will be spend in Cooperstown moving shelf units back to where they started!